A new arabic Typeface

May 14th, 2007


This is not an old book tag at the Jordan University’s library, printed by an old Arabic typewriter. This is a new open type font designed by the young talented calligrapher Hussein Al Aza’at, my colleague at work. The font is really experimental and artistic. This font brings back a history of Arabic typography and printing techniques.

This font will be available for use soon. It will be a good asset on every designer’s font folder. Hopefully it will not be abused.

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15 Responses to “A new arabic Typeface”

  1. A.Saidawi Says:

    Oh man…I like this new font….I am waiting for it….to do a big marketing for it…
    Good job ..

  2. mala2e6 Says:

    7elo ya wael.its great to have new fonts around

    best regards to your collegue and to you tab3an :D

  3. Leo Alkurdi Says:

    Amazing, very pro work as i can see,

  4. Yousif Says:

    I loved it … Hope you would be able to share it with people who like such fonts … like me ;-)
    Thanks for such great work ..


  5. Ben Says:


    Nice looking font. Are you saying the picture is of a text made with an old Arabic typewriter and someone is making a font based on it for computer? I think the old Arabic typewriters are amazing.


  6. Alaa Abdelhaq Says:

    Man it really sux!!!
    i hate it!!!

  7. Hussein Says:

    Ben, it’s an Opentype font.. and the picture above is a sample of typing in Arabic on Illustrator..

  8. omar Says:

    I personally love it, and I think Hussein did a great job on it! Looking forward to it being available! :D

  9. georgio Says:

    please can u send me this font as soon as possible, i like it very much.
    USA New York

  10. diaa Says:

    انا بقالى فترة بدور على خطوط زى كده
    ارجو انكم تنشروه

  11. Moey Says:

    Did Hussein release it yet?

  12. BassaM Says:

    OMG… I hope really to send me this font once your friend get finished of it as soon as possible !! and Jazaka Allahu khairan !!!

  13. على Says:


  14. على Says:

    فين الخطوط

  15. Salma Says:

    well this is amazing!
    is it available for download ?
    I am currently working on my art capstone and was looking for such a font . . hopefully I’ll be transferring the text on wood and experimenting with that
    please notify me if the font is available now ?
    thank you

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