This is an amazing section of Qur’an copied by Zaynab bint Ahmad al-Maqdisiyya, a female calligrapher from Jerusalem. This section was written in Hegira 731 / AD 1330, Mamluk period.

It was written on paper with black ink and decorated with colors and illumination; the binding is leather with stamp-block decoration

This piece is displayed on the Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo- Egypt

This section from a Qur’an proves that the role of women in Islamic society was not confined to household tasks. They were writers, poets and even calligraphers of the Qur’an, most prestigious work. This manuscript is a rare example of a work such as this having a named female calligrapher.

I really believe that one day we were a real advanced civilization with a modern and open minded culture. I personally believe that Islam has nothing to do with our current setback. The problem simply is within our lost generation.

I would like to thank my friend Hussein Al Aza’at the one who introduced me to this great calligrapher.

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5 Responses to “Meet Zaynab al-Maqdisiyyaa.. a female calligrapher”

  1. Hussein Says:

    This is exactly what we are missing in the Arab world..

    thanx for posting that!

  2. omar Says:

    beautiful, it’s really refreshing to see how female artists had their share of that time…wish to see more.
    :D visit fann 3arabi!

  3. theone Says:

    thanks for sharing… i liked the picture and the idea that you linked to it

  4. euroarabe Says:

    thanks for sharing these great posts on new fonts and a female calligrapher. your comments on why you like berlin were so interesting too.

    i really enjoy reading your blog and i love your cartoons and animations.

    keep up the great work.

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    euroarab: thank you for your nice and encouraging comment

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