Html without tables

November 22nd, 2005

Building a whole new website without using tables and only with a simple html code and a CSS is like driving without using you’re hands. This is what I felt when I was working on this secret website… “Secret!!!” YES my ass will be kicked if I told you..

Since 1997, when I had to build my first website using Pagemill form Adobe, I only used tables.. tricks to apply my visual designs on html pages… Now after nine years I had to wipe everything from my head and start a new way of thinking on how can I structure the page without using tables. It was really hard at the beginning. Each time I had a problem, my mind goes thinking about tables. Not only this, I have discovered that I need to learn the basics of html cod… on every website I made I never had to use html code.. and thanks to dream weaver, front page and other softwares.

Few years ago most of web browsers could not support CSS completely. But now most of them do, which made it possible for designers to start using CSS instead of tables which originally made for tabular information. Tables were abused by web designers who made it a standard way of producing an html page.

Well… Thanks to my boss Mr. Ahmad Hummeid who forced me to take this step and start learning how to build a website in a proper way.

I am not going to talk about why we should use CSS instead of tables, and what CSS can offer for us as designers… but rather than that, ill say how much am happy to learn something new… and when I become a guru in CSS, Ill tell you why you should use it.

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One Response to “Html without tables”

  1. super devoika Says:

    well wael… please tell us… cuz am just learning webpage designing… and first thing they told me… “use tables to make it easier”… but i can’t get the hang of it yet… so… come on… be a guru soon… =)

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