Blouzazt is the new up coming cool “kick ass” shop for t-shirts. This shop is not like any other t-shirt shop. This shop is created by a group of very talented young graphic designer from Jordan and Germany. The shop will be placed in Jabal Amman. Today, one of the founders, Mohammed Assaf brought to the office these cool stickers for their new shop. I forgot to tell you that the founders of this shop are Syntaxers people. I don’t know why, but suddenly, all people at the office gathered around those stickers and took as much as they can. Either because it’s free or because I believe they are really cools.

The idea is so promising… The guys are working hard and they have lots of cool ideas to present. So stay tuned… and good luck guys.

and for you guys.. this is the first blog that reveals one of Blouzaat designs.. enjoy


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5 Responses to “Fe Mahal neghesh “there is a cool shop””

  1. Mohanned Says:

    Good luck for them , I really respect people like this..

  2. omat Says:

    i’m looking forward to see the store, and also do some purchases! :D
    Where exactly in Jabal Amman and when is it going to open?

  3. A.Saidawi Says:

    Salam Alaikom…

    Guyz walla thats so nice and great…
    I have to visit this shop this summer…
    but can you “sha3teely” provide us more info about this group ?

    and good luck for them

  4. Moey Says:

    man, I need further info and if they’d accept or help with designs as well.

  5. don't read: Blouzaat Says:

    […] Wael was bragging about them being syntaxers i brag and say they are my friends ;)Read what Wael posted earlier about Blouzaatwhere he did a better job than I :)Labels: art, design # posted by manal […]

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