I remember how I loved watching “7aret Abu 3wwad” and how I loved when “Marzoog” meets “Som3a”. I remember when a new Jordanian comedy is shown on JRTV, next day in school; it is the talk of the town.

I believe that one day, Jordanian drama was the best… and the 80s was a golden era for it. But unfortunately after democracy came to Jordan, drama started to fall and go down…. I wonder why this happened. And the question is how can we bring it back?

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5 Responses to “The golden age of the Jordanian drama”

  1. Adel Says:

    Hareega wrote about the same thing/video yesterday. so i wish you mentioned that !

  2. Hareega Says:

    I totally agree, I was surprised to see some of Libyans and Tunisians in America who have never been to Jordan when they told me about Abu Awad and how they always watched it. It’s sad how things detoriorated since then, but we’re still trying….

  3. globalorama Says:

    “al 3ilmo nor” was my favorite.
    “3laiwa” Rabi’ shhab
    democracy brought on more westernization.
    “the bold and the beautiful”
    “star academy”
    “man sayarba7o el milion”

  4. Shifaa Says:

    You made me laugh man. I loved Sumah and Marzoug. I agree with Hareega, it is either that with the global era that Jordanian programs can not compete with Sinefield, Friends OR that people taste changed over the years.

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Adel.. thank you for mentioning this.. i just saw this video and other videos uploaded by jad on ikbis and i thought i just need to write about it.

    I agree with Hareega too… it’s really such a sad thing…

    i think we new a kick ass new bloods for our drama.. people who do not complain about government’s support and can do wonderful things out of nothing.

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