The bank of the rings!!!

April 21st, 2007


Jordan, this is what I call a stupid money spending. Taking over all billboards in town, to visually spam people with circles that can hardly noticed as 5 rings. The next day you try to explain what the hell you spammed people about. And on the day follows you try explain why…

Let me ask you all something. How did you perceive the Arab bank latest campaign?
A- Waste of money!
B- Annoying
C- Not up to standards “They can do better”
D- Impressive
E- Direct to the point
F- Bold
G- Silly, stupid or ugly

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14 Responses to “The bank of the rings!!!”

  1. Isam Says:

    man u r talking abt it , sa7 ?

    this is a different concept of advertisment … it doesnt depend on attraction it depends on intimidation … like the Oliver Khan bill-board in Germany

    i know there is a difference in quality … but its the same concept …

    and u know what man ,,, i live in KSA and i’ve heard abt it many times ,,, so it must be working :)

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    I agree Isam.. everyone talks about it.. but that does not necessarily mean its a good thing… it not good at all to make all people talk about you in a bad way.

    especially when you re-brand your self.. you don’t want to connect your self with negative perceptions from day one and let everyone knows about it..

    If you want to make a campaign like this.. you should be smart.. ad yes Quality is important in all times…

    its easy to make people talk about.. especially when you are a bank that can spend lots of money on adv.

  3. amjad mahfouz Says:

    A- Waste of money!
    C- Not up to standards “They can do better”

    its nice to see that some people really have money to spend, but goddamn it spend it well, don’t just blow it on nothing,

  4. Roba Says:

    It’s retarded! Both the teasers (with the gradient il 3ajeeb) and revealers (won’t even start on that one) are horrible.

  5. Isam Says:

    thats a well known fact Wael … my father works in the arab bank so i know …

    and maybe am not getting the big picture cuz am not in amman ,,, so i wont judge it anymore

  6. Mariam Ayyash Says:

    BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBb…. at first i thought, what an ugly circle, but it grabbed my attention and for that i gave them 9/10… but to see EVERY SINGLE corner in amman was pretty annoying and its like putting a finger 1 cm away from somebody elses face and saying, hey im not touching u! the outcome i was looking forward..was pretty disappointed its the arab bank! they are the largest bank in amman, why the huge money waste?! aaaahhh, to satisfy the wife!

    Luke Sullivan argues that Mr Whipple maybe the most famous character in USA advertising, but it is also the most hated… so the promotion does not necessarily work.

  7. salam Says:

    It is definitely a (c). Not up to the standards.I dont know much about advertising, but I do know that a logo should be a little unique to be easily recognized and remembered.
    The campaign is so lame!I hate it !

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  9. 7usam Says:

    How disappointing
    There trying to re brand Arab bank logo
    Still trying ,,

  10. jazz Says:

    its a load of crap. what’s so genious abooout 5 disproportionate rings in 3 colors? can we call that bold? direct to the point? what is the point? for 76 years arab abnk never was able to break away from circles starting with its logo with the lame horse and camel, and ending with the genius of the ceo’s wife advertising company.

    you asked … and this is my answer:

    A- Waste of money!
    B- Annoying
    C- Not up to standards “They can do better”
    D- UN-Impressive
    E- IN-Direct to the point
    F- Bold(not)
    G- very Silly, very stupid and very ugly

  11. ZIAD Says:

    Art and Design is subjective, you either Love it, hate it or have no opinion about it.
    I am very pleased to see we can voice our opinions freely here. . I respect all of your views but unfortunately reading your comments above I believe that non of you have the slightest idea of what corporate branding is. I have worked with you wael and know your style very well but that is not the topic of our discussion, so please when you try to make statements like the ones you made above back them up with facts and if you don’t understand ask questions. I know you to be a decent and creative guy and was disapointed to see how limited your thinking was.

    It is sad to see people trying to justify their lack of knowledge with cheap attacks like the ones you posted about the wife of the CEO. She is neither owner or part owner of the agency so shame on you for starting this rumor.

    Just because someone can use Photoshop, create a website and draw cartoons does not make them experts on corporate branding :) food for thought….

    Anyways I believe there is always room for improvement in everything we do so keep up the good work guys.

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  13. Onzlo Says:

    Terrible advertising campaign, aquamedia is a joke - I advise them to close down and open a m3arrashet bateekh instead.

  14. Tala Says:

    In my opinion i liked it , and i found the comments above silly , just wanted to speak without understanding and not related for the subject its like ( 7aki nasaween )

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