For the couple of last months, I almost visited every ER department in every hospital in Amman. None of those visits were pleasant ones. From a business and customer point of view, the level of services are crappy and below average. It is so sad what happened to this industry.

What amazed me the most, is the amount of time that a doctor spend on paper work… 90% of the treatment process is paper
work, 9% lab work and the rest are asking questions. It is so sad how much a paper is more important than a human being.

Well, let’s talk about the experience from A_Z.

- You arrive to the ER door.

- You need to drop your patient ASAP and get back to your car to find a place to park…

- Don’t expect anyone to come and take care of your patient. He must walk along and get inside the ER, wait for some doctor or nurse to pass by and ask him to help you. “Most of the time no one would care unless you bother him with a question”.

- After they find a bed for your patient… a paper work journey starts. No one would come to you unless you finish registration.

- A nurse comes and measures your patient’s pressure and temperature. Ask some questions and leaves for about 30 min.

- Doctor comes after 40 min and asks again. You answer like it’s the first time you’ve been asked. He leaves to call for another doctor.

- The other doctor comes and asks again the same question and you answer the same answers.

- He goes for some paper work and come back to you asking you to stamp some papers from the accountant desk.

- “He tells you” to give those paper to any nurse to take blood samples for your patient and send it to the lab.

- After you find a nurse you give him the paper and tell him please come and take the samples.

- In some cases you might have to send the sample by your self to the lab and in other cases they will do it for you.

- After 40 to 60 min the results from the lab comes out.

- The result tells the doctor that your patient is in a critical condition and he needs a quick treatment! Your patient needs to be kept in hospital for couple of days.

- After 20 to 30 min. of paper work, going up and down… pay this and that. Your 6 hours of pain is almost going to end.


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2 Responses to “ERs’ in Jordan’s hospitals… are the real pain! (Part One)”

  1. Toujan Says:

    Wael, it’s the same here in Canada - only I had to wait for 5 hours to see a dr when my back was hurting like crazy. Then, when it was over, Ibrahim had to practically carry me into the car - no one, and I mean no one, offered to help!

    Add to that, there are no private hospitals, so this is how you are treated if you go to ANY emergency room!

  2. Tareq Says:

    Wael,, its all the same here or outside jordan..
    im a doc and i worked in ER’s and know how stressful it is… the Ministry of health says that doctors in ER shoudlnt work more than 48 hrs a week! that means 8 hours daily and a full weekend!! what happens is that the ER doc works for 24 hrs in Night call (added to the regular 8 hrs work time of the next day) then gets an (every 3rd day night call shift!) ya3ni mnawabtain bil osboo3 (hay 48 sa3a la7alhom!!)
    o bil akhir bya36ooh ratib ma bizeedish 3n 600 JD!

    Do u expect such “stressed out” personnel be ready to take care of everything perfectly??

    by the way, Paperwork is a safe haven for doctors, we take a rest while we write down the findings as well as it reminds us of things that might have been missed in the initial examination of the patient…

    buttom line is : ER is an unpleasant place for ALL!!

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