Finally I had the chance to see 300 movie. Lots of people wonder why their expectations were higher and after the movie they were somehow felt disappointed “such as me”.

This time I give visual effects 70% of responsibility. There was so much CGI work on the movie that killed the spirit of the story and removed the uniqueness and truth of expressions on each actor. I felt all actors look the same. I felt nothing about any one of them. I felt that actors couldn’t do there job well. This is simply because CGI work was too much this time.


The story and events where injected with huge amount of action, action and more action. The sequence of event jumped directly to the extreme point of the plot from the first minute which was stretched all over the movie.

I should admit that visual effects, action and motions are the best I’ve ever seen. But the spirit of the story, moral and actors were lost under this greatness of CGI work.


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9 Responses to “300 the movie… too much visual effects”

  1. manal y Says:

    visual effects was the whole main point of the movie, they werent after a good story, if you knew that from b4 maybe you would’ve enjoy it more, my best part is when someone threw an ax at the spartan’s king, i even tilted my head down :D

  2. Karina Says:

    Once i heard my history class talk about this movie i had to see it. i am very into historic movies such as this one. The graphics were great and made the movie interesting. I defintely saw things i did not expect to see that made me stop and wonder. However i thought it was a good movie! ijust wish it was a bit more realistic or something… It looked too much like a fantasy movie or something..but thats just my opinion. it was a great movie!

  3. Tareq Says:

    Combining Visual effects with a story and a couple of Big names would path the way for a potential Oscar award.. look at the movie Titanic, u will surely know what i mean… but for 300, i guess it would get an award for best Motion visual effects…
    Anyway,, having a lot of CGI is not wrong, the aim of the movie at such cases is to show off what these computers wizards can do! another movie that still flashes in my head is Lord of the Rings… tht movie was a WOW at its time, but still it got its glamor till now..and i guess when it was first released, it got some critics locking all over it,, but it was a success that lead to another 2 parts.. multi million $ balance for the graphics only!

    bottom line is: Enjoy such movies as provided!
    Good movies will come anyway!!!

  4. tim Says:

    whats wrong with you *** unpleasable people.300was fantastic.

  5. tim Says:

    hey, karina ,you know why you thought it looked fake.Because you dont know good visual effects when you see them. plus your a **** cluless stereotype just like most other people,well, that, and you’re a ***

  6. Veronica Says:

    A historic movie without visual effects are documentaries. Movies are entertainment. Did you say the same about Matrix or LOTR or ever Star Wars? Action movies will ALWAYS have visual effects. They enhance the experience, not deter it. Open your mind to the experience, don’t close your eyes.

  7. ryan m Says:

    Mind you that this movie was based on GRAPHIC NOVEL cgi is almost required

  8. dude 300 is awsome Says:

    i love this movie none of my friends have seen it yet… fags!! ok my fav part is wen the spear slices his face and then dilios says” and now we stand with 10,000 spartans and 30,000 romans if u play runescape add my my name is dilios123 (dilios rulz!!!!!)

  9. michael Says:

    this is a mans movie and was projected towards men. That is why there was action and more action. It is a bad a$$ movie

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