Winter is officially over!

March 24th, 2007

Yes winter is over AND LET THE SPRING BEGINS. I am a summer man, and I feel so happy when it’s warm and sunny. But yet the weather will keep a bit cold and cloudy for the couple of next days “according to weather channels”. But does not mean winter is not over.


You would ask why am sure about it! Well today I saw ants! Yes ants coming out from there homes and tunnels and working. This is what we call in our culture “Sa3ed el 7′abaya”. Before technology people where able to know the end of the winter from animals and insects that sleep all winter and come out in spring.

Yes… goodbye winter “thank you for you blessings and rains”. Hello summer.

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One Response to “Winter is officially over!”

  1. manal y Says:

    yay, im a summer person too, i love the sun and so much stuff about summer
    and always wished to turn into an ant n sneek from underneath the door

    nice post and pic
    i like it :D

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