Public Transportation, Why is it so damn filthy? Is it because it’s for public? And public do not give a shit about hygiene! For God sake, you cannot see the ad on the bus from dirt. How come advertisers advertise in such a filthy space where their image is not seen!

How much does take to clean the buses twice a month or when there is a necessity, especially in winter? How come bus drivers accept to drive such a filthy vehicle which reflects a bad image about him?

This is from the outside. How about the inside? Well it’s cleaner for sure. The smell can kill there! The worst thing is being stuck inside an overloaded filthy bus. What kind of experience that will encourage you to use public transportation and drop off your car to save the city from a traffic jam? What a city image would expect when you see dirty and unorganized busses flooding the streets?

Clean the God damn buses.

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One Response to “Public transportation needs a bath!”

  1. subzero Says:

    Its an irony to see this post only after my newest blogspot entry (Tokyo Metro). Please check it so, I garantee ull laugh :)

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