Right of freedom, freedom of speech are the bases of globalization. West is calling for freedom of individuals, but they are ignoring the freedom of groups and nations. They took a very extreme approach to force there own ideologies. Not allowing for other ideologies to pass through.

I started my post with this claim to open a dialogue for others to start questioning the freedom issues around the world and the massive changes that happened to this concept after 11/9.

When a young woman is not allowed to enter her school unless she takes off her “Hejab”, well don’t you think it’s a very extreme approach to make this girl blend in their society? My judgment is that all such action like this is based on fear of change. Especially in Europe, there is huge fear of change and acceptance for others. The number of immigrants had increased and this by defaults stated to change the composition of the European society. Therefore the reaction was to enforce these new bodies to blend in the society; otherwise we don’t know what will happen?


Secular system was enforced, as a weapon to attack all other ideologies that is forming a threat to the society. 11/9 enforced that fear and rejection came instead of containing.

The situation in the U.S. is much better I guess. Although the American society is much more conservatives than the European, the American society have much more freedom regarding religions and other ideologies even after 11/9.

Peaceful coexistence between religions is possible. It time for us to be an example for others in this world and in the region. Jordan, this small country, is a great role model for peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christens. We live together for hundreds and hundreds of years. We share history together. We work together and we celebrate together. Would you imagine seeing a Muslim prying carpet found in a church? Well I saw it here in Jordan! at a church in Salt called “Al Khader Church”. Muslims go there and prey as it sacred for them as it is for Christine.

All what I am saying is that we can teach the west something about coexistence. And we are not that bad people. We are not the low life people. And we should not think for once that we live behind the world. We should look for good things that we have and share it with everyone. We should be proud of our history, heritage and costumes and not be ashamed of what who we are. We should step out from the shadow. If we go back and look deep inside us, we will find many things that others will envy us for. But you will not be able to know its value unless you miss it.

Globalization does not necessarily means that we should only take from west. But it also means that we can give them some of our knowledge and experiences and let them share some of our lifestyles. This is something that our young generation must understand and work for. You don’t need to imitate, follow or behave like west to be perceived as civilized people. The important thing is how to take our heritage and values to spot where everyone can see. Also the west should also open the door for acceptance and understanding. The channel should be open both ways. And respect is the key value if a successful relations.

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5 Responses to “It’s time for the west to learn from us!”

  1. M Kilany Says:

    interesting point of view… I totally agree…

  2. Suzi J. Schaum Says:

    No one can disagree about the give/take from the west and, as an American, I observe that we absorb more cultures and more of cultures than any other nation.
    One advantage we have is that most Americans want not so much freedom OF religion but freedom FROM religion.
    We know that religious differences in the Middle East are very important and this is so difficult for us to understand - most of us don’t know a Catholic from a Protestant from a Jew.

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    I agree with you Suzi. but in order to understand something you need to dig deep and try to figure out what, why and how things happen.

    I think people should not take anything for granted. and i think now after 11/9 there is a huge motivation for the west to start some effort to study and know more about the M.E. culture and religions.

    Here in the Middle East, we gained lots of information and knowledge about the American and west culture through media. And I admit that part of this fault “if may call it that” is actually our lack of strong media that can reach the west.

  4. hayat Says:

    hijab is our jihad

  5. Pete Teyssedre Says:

    New comers shouldn’t impose their culture at the expense of the host country’s culture and hide behind the descrimination card. But instead should be respectful and thankful of the acceptance of the host country. Some reasonable changes in their culture to be a better fit should be taken, rather then screeming and yelling that this is “our right” after all your are here to enjoy what you didn’t have there, be thankful.

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