It is not important what I was doing there at that time. Also I am not blogging about the reason that dragged me from Shmiesani to Jordan University Hospital and ended up all night at Al Basheer Hospital. But just to make sure, it wasn’t me who is sick; it was my sister’s new born baby.

Forget the crappy filthy and full of smoke emergency room at Al Basheer Hospital. Forget the long process of paper work. And forget about the crowdedness of the place. Once we finished from the ER building and headed to the Maternity and Children building, which I spent 15 min spinning around by car with the baby inside the hospital campus with no proper signage, the filthiness and crowdedness was gone. But now its longer paper work. The building is some how new and well equipped. “This is something good to see in this hospital.” But unfortunately, a new clean building is not enough for a hospital.

It was 3:00 AM in the morning. I was standing near the nurse’s counter. On the alley, looking to this peach color wall, and waiting for doctors to finish taking my nephew’s medical history from his mother. I was waiting outside the incubator’s room. Looking and observing.

There were around 5 or 6 nurses on that night shift. Eating and gossiping in a loud voice. Just few meters from rooms full of mothers and sick babies sleeping or crying. Well some people believe that nurses are angles from heaven. They are willing to help you when you’re sick and take a good care of you keenly and with a soft refreshing smile.


That was not the case! All what I saw is a bunch of girls wearing white clothes and all there ambition is to finish this night and go home. A young girl came to them telling them that a pregnant mom got dizzy and she asked for help. The nurse replied aggressively with a big scream, “it not my responsibly, let her go down stairs to the pregnant section!” Ok! Another mother came to them asking them that her baby boy is crying all night. They just answered her with laughs and mocks. That was not a good way to treat someone. Even if they know that it was not a serious case that does not give them any right to mock a patient like this. I was so annoyed the way they deal with patients. But I just had something else on mind, which saved those nurses from my tongue.

I can’t imagine any reason behind that attitude. If they don’t like what they do, or if they can’t handle the nature of there job, then it would better for all to drop out. I know it’s not that easy to deal with patients and people. But they have to know that there is nothing easy in this world. All of us, no matter what we do, we face some difficulties and challenges in our work.

The most important thing of being a doctor or a nurse is to show people that you care. The core of your business is care. If you lose this, then you are no longer fit to that job. It is not important how much you know or how much you’re skilled, if you don’t show tendency towered your patients.

You can’t start a conversation with a doctor there unless you hear some complaints or negative comment comes out from his mouth. People who come to this hospital has already things on there mind and really they don’t want to hear more bad news coming from a doctor because there is no enough places for patients.

I don’t want to sound harsh, but what I really would like to say is that we need to act professional as much as we can no matter how difficult our situation is. That is all!

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9 Responses to “3:00 AM at al Basheer Hospital”

  1. M Kilany Says:

    MAAAN I hear you… I’ve been there (Hospitals and stuff) so many times its almost the same everywhere…

    There isn’t enough supervision on the nursing staff… if you have them taped and you have a quality control department.. some administration & a surveillance cam would do wonders…

    I hope your nephew turned out to be ok… Salamto, at such a young age they brake your heart when they cry, you don’t know what they want or how you can help… Salamat ya man…

  2. Nas Says:

    salamto inshallah

    crappy jordanian hospitals, what else is new. at least you didnt go the international hospital.

  3. manal y Says:

    i hope your nephew will be better soon, salamto, i wish to see one nurse that is angelic,some of them are good n some of them are bad but none was angelic and worked with a passion.

  4. Hussein Says:

    i didn’t read the whole text.. but mainly Slamat for every one is mentioned above.

  5. kinzi Says:

    Y Wael, it is so sad here. I complained to my OB when I had my first child here (at a private hospital)about the nursing care (an oxymoron).

    He sighed, and said “How can we teach them mercy when we can’t even get them to wash their hands properly?”

  6. Falafel Says:

    The Basheer hospital has a long time reputation for being a slaughter house. Discusting, over crowded, not clean, no concerns. Tell when this will stop?
    Some of us bloggers should go there and take some pictures, and publish a full report about this masla`7.

  7. Wael Attili Says:

    Flafel: I agree we should go there and start writing about the crappy situation at that hospital.

    Kinzi: we don’t want them to be merciful, we just need them to be more professional.. and this has to be forced and they should feel that their asses are on the line.

  8. manal y Says:

    i dont agree with you wael about “they should feel that their asses are on the line” cause this is how they are right now they only work properly when the boss pass by and the rest of the day they just count hours…they should realise that “people asses is on the line” and hold the resposibilty they are given towards them..only then we will have good nurses

  9. amricngrl Says:

    Wow, this is news… my boyfriend went to amman, Jordan on vacation. He fell ill and is now there. He gave me the name of where he is. I’ve seen and heard nothing but bad news about this place. 07/06/08

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