Amman under construction

July 14th, 2005


Although I did not see much of the world cities, but I believe that Amman is a unique one like most of Jordan, but this implication could be negative or positive at the same time. If you ask me how my answer would be uncertain and maybe not objective enough.

For the people who follow the history of Amman, they will notice that the evolution charts are nor regular or continuous , its more likely a series of fast jumps and setbacks. The revival of Amman came by the settlement of the Circassian emigrants near ??Ras Al Ein?? in early 1900??s. followed by other emigrants settlements from Palestine, Syria and other country, Amman continued to grow.

After the first gulf war and the second, a drastic changes occurred to Amman, more people, more stones and more cultural behaviors. But the last boom in growth accompanied by a great changes from all around the world, new investments and business strategies, new cutraal behaviors and a new life style.

Amman is in a big change, and I think this time the change will be much longer in time, and it will have greater effect on people of Jordan. The change will be only for Amman, but for all the country, lots of movements ahappensing on the political and social level. Today is not like yesterday, businesses are on the run, prices also on the run, people are a bit confused of is going on, and the time for promises is gone, the time for action is now.

People now are really in a miss, for example when prices of oil came to a very high cost, no one took any action of protestation, instead, a day before the implementation of the new prices gas station was filled with people who wanted to save few Dinnars.

Some people are up to the change, and they are taking actions. But some, if not most, are still nonbelievers and in denial. Most are fried of change, thinking change always produce worse. Maybe they are right, and maybe not!! at least if someone thinks change is not going to produce good results, well its better for him to be part of the change and make sure change is going to produce good.

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9 Responses to “Amman under construction”

  1. Asfour Says:

    Congratulations man :) I was waiting for your blog, and now it’s up and running, but not only that…. you’re going to publish your art work :)
    I prefer not comment on your post, and keep wondering !!!!!

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    Well, yes man i did it.. thank God

  3. Anonymous Says:

    U make a great addition to the Jordanian blogosphere! Alf mabrouk!

    I’m enjoying reading ur own perspective on things…

    Regards to el madame :) and c u soon!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    keep u the good work…best of luck Atilllli.
    ahmed - NSW

  5. Circassian Says:

    It is nice that you mention briefly the history of Amman, and the fact that Circassian immigration revived it. I notice the question marks in your piece, perhaps you need a reference for the info? The first Circassian settlement in Amman were Shapsough in 1878.

    For further information see


  6. salam Says:


  7. asas Says:

    good 4 u and hope u the greatest
    take care pal and dnt 4get us from ur nice paints

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  9. faty =) Says:

    A.a! im fatima from england, and i just love reading your blog about jordan. For some weird reason i’ve become really interested in the country hope to visit soon too (dont know how soon that will be though). Your balanced view provides a really realistic view of the country. I do hope everything is good for you there.

    If you could please publish more info on working in Jordan, what your economy is based on and what your general opinion is about ur standard of living or economy as a whole is. I’m looking to move out the UK it’s not good here so i’m trying to read as much info as I can! Once again Jazakallah loads for your website,,,its excellent!

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