For me, it’s like exploring Jordan for the first time. Terhaal takes you to places that you have never heard about before. It tells you stories about secrets of a land that is full of mastery and shares with you some unique experiences of Jordanian travelers who are searching of hidden havens between the red stones of Jordan.

With a neat design and brand that reflects the adventurous spirit of Terhaal team; the site offers valuable information and reviews about places that can be a destination for every quest seeker.

The key world for tourism in Jordan is adventure. And this how I believe we should market our tourism experience in Jordan. The effect of this website can be enormous if we market it well. This site is an attraction point for all young and old adventurers around the world. This effort must be rewarded and adopted by large Jordanian stakeholder.

You might saw this blog before but I thought I have a duty to blog about it. Here are some of you will find on the about us

The idea of Terhaal came about when a young Jordanian couple, who spent most of their free time exploring and wandering through Jordan’s many valleys and gorges, decided that they wanted to share these natural treasures with visitors who prefer to stray off the beaten path. Together with two other friends they decided to start an Eco-Adventure Operator that would show people the true face of Jordan, benefit local communities whilst minimizing any impact to the environment. Terhaal also strives to reveal to Jordanians the natural wonders of their land that remain a mystery to many.

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3 Responses to “Terhaal: Unleash the Secrets of Jordan”

  1. Rebellious Arab Girl Says:

    thanks for the link.. also i love the design of your site.. so nice!

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    Thanks Dear

  3. WWC Says:

    We used them and had a GREAT time! Hope that anyone searching for references on Terhaal sees this! Staff was great, all the details were taken care of, fantastic 14 day trip ALL over Jordan.

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