My old work for free

February 19th, 2007

Long long time ago, I was working in and i had the chance to do some nice e-cards. Also i did few MMS samples that has never been used before. When i was looking in my old backup files, I saw these artworks and i said, I would really love to share it with everyone.

If you liked any of these e-cards or MMS, feel free to save it and send it to your friends. If you manage to save it in your mobile, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones.

Finally I uploaded them on ikbis, using it’s cool bulk uploader, and I hope you will enjoy sharing them.

Click here to start download.. “note: some of them are animated gifs, so you need to download the original size by clicking on All sizes button”


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10 Responses to “My old work for free”

  1. Hussein Says:

    Yazalameh haram this work go as a free gifts for bad people, i mean we as your friends we gonna share them with announcing that they were done by a creative jordanian mind. but i’m afraid from the ugly mobile contents that they will swallow all items then resell them to whole world!

    i can’t imagine the happiness that would appear on some designers who works for Mobile contents companies; when they said: “Boss, look what i’ve done, a new mms collection, it took me too much time and too much suffering”


  2. manal y Says:

    what hussien said is so true, do u want to rethink or i can go ahead i take one of them

  3. amjad mahfouz Says:

    wow, awesome mano, respect

  4. Samir Says:

    Be careful man, copy right laws are not on your side in this.

    If you did those drawings as your job, while hired and being paid by, they own the copy right for them!!!

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Hussien: That’s ok for me. if these artworks can make someone happy then i will feel that i did something good in this world.

    Manal: Go ahead, take as much as you can :)
    Amjad: thanks, i hope you liked them.

    Samir: Regarding the e-cards, does not exists anymore… the MMS content is totally mine i did not sell it to anyone…

  6. Abed Hamdan Says:

    What Hussein said is very wrong!!

    thansk for publishing them…now more people will make use of them, they might make better ones and use these ideas and enhance them..

    to hell with copyleft everything :)
    good job Sha3teely, the true creative man always share his work and always has something to give

    good luck

  7. mala2e6 Says:


    this is so nice and generous..ra2e3 ..alla ye7meek..

    ana ba7jez horscope Aquarius..and the Din@..and sho kaman..i might use some in future topics..with referance tab3an

    thanks sha3teely..

  8. Hussein Says:

    its about saving rights, if we keep thinking in this way so by tomorrow we will see a new brands like: BMVV, Mersedis, Abble, SomyErikson and Abidas and so on…

    sure we gonna see a plenty of yellow smiles.


  9. Ahmad Humeid Says:

    Fix the link, man.. :)

  10. Abed Hamdan Says:


    but what you said has nothing to do with brands like BMVV, Mehredes (they’re already there).

    and to your information, all the designs are available to the public and are a hot are of researches and development.

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