After months of working since the day one of launch, we at tootcorp team did not stop working on developing the site more and more. Enhancing visuals, adding new features and making the site more stable.

I would like to take the chance and thank everyone on this small team. Thank you Andi and Roman for the great backend developments. Thank you Karim for your amazing UI implementation and thank you Mazin for keeping our asses on the line. Thank you Ahmad for your great effort in making this happen and thank you George for following up on everything.

Please check the website and tell us your feedback, without your feedback we cannot improve.
Check out the new video player and the new album editor. There is a lot of new features that you can explore. And be sure that we are still working and working.

I am sooo happy to the new site up and running.

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2 Responses to “Ikbis has launched a new look and feel”

  1. bakkouz Says:

    its cool but i have a comment about the video player, if you pause it and let it load, the process indicator does not show anymore how much of the video has loaded, like you know with youtube if you pause it you can see how much is loading in red color? in ikbis with the new player you can’t know that.

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you Bakkouz.. make sure that your note has reached the guys and we will work on it.. thanks again

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