Clip | 7awadeet shofeer Taxi

January 15th, 2007

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6 Responses to “Clip | 7awadeet shofeer Taxi”

  1. Hussein Says:

    wow! so real..

    it should be rated with NC-17 or higher :)

  2. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Now you know why I LOVE to ride with taxi drivers … it’s like this ALL the time :)

  3. Khalidah Says:

    Absolutely Priceless … I bet it took guts to capture this … I hate to think what this “filthy mouthed” dude would have done if he found out he was being filmed :S

    Thank God I do not have to ride cabs :)

  4. Mazen Says:

    mesh 3aref sho moshkeltak bsra7a.. law enak met`thayeg meno, ‘7allas sakto be 6areegtak aw gollo nazzelny houn..

    hay moshkeltak enak ma 3endak sayara.

  5. Mazen Says:

    why did you remove my comment, Didnt you like what I wrote? its interesting how sick people like you! dont like the truth, and seeking more sick people to cheer for you, at your fucken stupid video!!

    if you cant stand having comments disagreeing with your fucken opinion shut down your fucken stupid blog and kill your self!

    ah btw, if you wanna defend your self, you can e-mail me, and I dare you post anything about me in your stupid fucken blog. I will fuck it up.

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    Dear Mazen
    I did not delete your comment, the comment was in moderation… all the comments that i got goes through moderation until i become online and approve or delete spam comments if there is one… so i guess you made a quick assumption that i have deleted your comment.

    second thing.. this video is not mine.. i just found it in youtube.. i never met that that taxi driver.

    thank you for your comment

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