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20 Responses to “عالم مجانين.. حلال طخهم”

  1. Ghaith Says:

    3ashan hek el nomar el 5alejeyyeh elha “e7teram 5a9″ 3enna be 3amman :)

  2. hareega Says:

    plenty of them do the same in jordan

  3. Averroes Says:

    fi3lan..bas I’m not surprised..see this is the logical result for having more money than brains! you become a dangerous moron!!

  4. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    جد حلال … حلال… حلال

  5. moi Says:

    I guess this is what happens when you don’t let women drive :) And when you have too much money, and too much time on your hands…we have a long way to go…

  6. abu_shakuush Says:

    too much money, nothing to do:-)

  7. Haitham Issam Says:

    I don’t think it’s about the money as much as it is about enlightenment.

  8. Haytham Says:

    I wonder if there is any Police in that country!!?

    But you kow what I like that all of them wear “Deshdasheh” and Run pulling it up!! that funny, nice capture…


  9. Wael Attili Says:

    efda7 7areeg hak inlightement…
    i agree with moi.. when you have to much money with nothing to do.. this will happen.. if those people worked hard to buy these cars.. i don’t think they will do such things like this to their cars

  10. adel Says:

    عرب اطاعو رومهم عرب وباعو روحهم عرب وضاعو

  11. Haitham Issam Says:

    Wael lots of people in Amman have A LOT MORE money than these ‘Camry’ idiots, but you don’t see them doing 180s on Amman-Zarqa road do you? Not even here in Dubai where they have endless bank accounts; they do spend it on nonsense and customizing and rims, but IRRESPONSIBLY causing horrific accidents no! Enlightenment man.

  12. Nizar Says:

    Averroes I Agree with you :D
    if these guys put as much effort in their studies as much as they put in their cars and dicks they will become scientists !

  13. Wael Attili Says:

    Haitham: what do you mean by Enlightenment.. sara7a i don’t get it!

  14. Haitham Issam Says:

    Wael their whole way of life indicates a bit of ignorance; their mentality mish mitfat7a. NOT generalizing, I’m referring to that portion of them.

  15. Wael Attili Says:

    i agree.. i hope this portion are not going to be the majority

  16. manal y Says:

    u have been tagged, check my blog and lets shake it ;)

  17. Shaheen Says:

    i’m leaving now with them in riyadh!!
    ya 3ammi they are drugs destebuters will managed mafya u can c more and more and more

  18. Sona Says:

    يجب تخهم بعد صلاة الجمعه في ميدان عام حتي يكونوا عظه وعبره لغيرهم؟؟؟؟

  19. hamza hassan Says:

    hadol nas mo5ha 9′3eer w ma bya3rfo enno elly bya3mlo este3ra’9at bekoon rakbeen sayarat mdara3a moo camry .
    n as haitham saied they need lots of knowledge.

  20. سعد Says:

    والله ما يستاهلون الا القصاص لانهم يعرضون حيات غيرهم للخطر ولا هم …

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