Flu is on the air!!!

December 6th, 2006

I called my mom this morning to tell her that my wife and the baby are very sick… they had flu for the past couple of days… then I discovered that all my family, bothers, sisters and there kids are also having flu. Not only that, my wife took my young baby to the clinic… and she told me that the clinic was full of babies having the same flu… they told her that the virus is being spread on the air.

I don’t know, but it seems that someone was sneezing too much here!! Or I think it’s some kind of a conspiracy theory just to sell more tissues…

Anyway… be careful out there, the flu is still released….

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8 Responses to “Flu is on the air!!!”

  1. Hourani Says:

    actually the same happened to my family also..
    i think this happenes due to the strange weather nowadays

  2. Hourani Says:


  3. Dar Says:

    Salametkom jameee3an !


  4. Reem Says:

    I join the club too Wa’el!

  5. manal y Says:

    I had that last week, it was really bad, i hope your wife and baby will be better soon

    you have been taged Check my BLog : )

  6. kinzi Says:

    Wael, salamithom! Shu muskiina, Joon with a cough! Remember to wash hands often.

  7. lammoush Says:

    join the club! i’be had that for few days now and it killing me!
    i have just posted bout it 2day!
    hope they all get better real soon

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    thank you all, we slametkom jamee3an..

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