This is totally pathetic, I was looking for Arab groups on Google and the first match i found is “Gay UAE”. What really amazed me is the number of registered users. A total of 1972 members…

If you digg more into Google groups you will find other sick Arab groups such as “arabadult سكس عربي صور سكس افلام سكس مقاطع سكس فنانات”, “hot arab” and “Gay Arab Beur”.

Whats makes you sad is that most Arabic born activities run by gulf users.. But don’t take this as a fact cuz i don’t have the exact Numbers. I just always got that feeling when i surf Arabian websites…

The fact that sex and born are the most popular content on the web, does not give us the right to become part of it. We are just stuck in the middle… we cannot find a way out to create a balance between freedom and ethics. This caused us to adopt both extreme.. we ether ask for total sexual freedom or we force a total forbidding rules.

This not an Arab issue only.. its a global one too.. but we are the most suffering nation from lost and confusion.

UPDATES: it seems that this post is becoming a space for gay Arabs to meet and introduce them selfs.. Well I am not going to let that happen and I have the right to do so. Therefore am closing comment and I am going to delete them from this post.
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