Re-branding one TV

November 25th, 2006



I’ve noticed something deferent with one TV logo, then I’ve discovered that they have changed their look…

onetvold.gifThe cool orange background, with intersected bold and transparent white letter linked with this cool red comma. The 2D drawing style with very cool and experimental 2D animation has gone. “am a bit upset”

Instead you have a 3D flashy image… back to the normal predictable TV channels styles, black background and no more orange. The logo has some modification. The letters are attached to each other rather than intersected and no more transparency. The shape of letters is much curvier and the word “Dubai” is added at the top of the logo… the cool comma is 3D now.

In my opinion, the previous look is much more interesting and unique, am a bit disappointed of this change. Although some functional aspect are solved in the change such as making the logo more visible on screen, the over all change is not up to the strong image that one TV has built over two years.

Also you will notice that the channel website url has been changed also. If you type it will direct you in to this url: and don’t ask me why.. but I guess they want to connect this channel more into Dubai Media incorporated, the company which owns Dubai TV channel, Sama Dubai and Dubai sport channel.

Now here is more information about the history of the channel.

On December 24th, 2004, Dubai’s once venerable CH33 was shut down and replaced by a new channel bearing a new name, a new look and a new line-up of the best in American and British programming.
Branded “One TV”, the station is aimed at modern Arabs who enjoy western-style programming, as well as English speaking expatriates. This free to air Nilesat/ Arabsat, digital/analogue and terrestrial station will have a sophisticated, progressive appeal and will offer ongoing entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.
Blockbuster movies will dominate prime time with television’s most popular series, sitcoms, reality shows and kid’s programs rounding up the rest of the grid to offer a unique variety of choices for all tastes and ages.
With a line-up of 22 movies a week and some of the biggest box office titles such as “Harry Potter, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Austin Powers, Rush Hour and The X-Men, viewers are sure to be glued to One TV for ongoing entertainment.

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12 Responses to “Re-branding one TV”

  1. dotone Says:

    I liked the vector based anis and graphics better

  2. bakkouz Says:

    You have a point, but thats not to say they lost their creative touch, their ads are still cool and creative as ever and their still going strong.

  3. Moey Says:

    the old design is much much better and btw, the graphic design department there is full of Palestinians and Jordanians, my brother’s friend works there.

  4. Haitham Issam Says:

    Well I’d go with the old 2D graphics, way more original and artsy! A bit of tweaking for a change would be cool though.

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Although they are bringing more and more exiting films and series.. but ill go with Moey and Haitham and say i like the old look more

  6. manal y Says:

    well i like the new comma they look like those yummy chewy candies :D and they float like the M&Ms in the new commercial, open yr mouth u might get knocked down by a huge one hehehe

  7. Amanina Says:

    U r right, but as am not a designer, I won’t usually be able to express what is annoying me, I was watching it yesterday, and i totally felt annoyed of the new 3D comma, it simply hit on my nerve, as we say in arabic motakalefeh as in fake or artificial.

  8. omar Says:

    I liked the previous look, it had a spunk to it.
    I love love one tv, I wish I would be able to join their creative team one day. I even know those little animations before and after commercials and their music by heart! hehe

    I don’t see anything bad with the new one,
    but I’d say the effort in giving a 3D for
    the “ONE” logo is crappy. It’s like the designers
    used this plastic glow effect on Photoshop and spanked it on. I like the Red appostrophe, I would like to have it in real life! :D

  9. sam Says:

    u guys r wired…
    the new one OWNSSS
    its gonna take years for anyone to do somthing as half as good.
    its one of the best ever.

    the old 2d crap was sooooo boring and yukky

  10. Adeq Says:

    Kewl :)

  11. Alif Says:

    I too had noticed and was dismayed by the new look around the time of this post.

    I liked the flat comma-creations that employed the comma as a universal building block much more than the futuristic 3D comma animations.

  12. aj Says:

    hey ..
    i was wondering if anyone knows the name of the song that plays on dubai tv ad. te one with the little girl trying to catch the red One TV logos.
    its like a girl saying smth in an English accent..
    thanks a lot..

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