While I was doing some search on sound FX I found this really useful website” FindSounds“. It’s a specialized search service for sounds only. You should really try it out to know what I am really talking about.

Specialized search services save plenty of time and give more accurate results of what you really looking fort. This business model is now shaping the future of search services.

Each item or concept on the web has a specific requirements or characters that we can use for a faster and more direct search results. Such as this search service, where you can search by sound format, channel, resolution or sample rate. These specifications are not available on any general search service.

Regular search services became more and more contaminated with millions and millions of data that are increasing day b day. You need to search the search results to find out what you exactly need. This is why the need of more specialized search services take became a necessity.

Now you can find search sites only for blogs, images, or e-books. You can build a whole search service on one concept. Such as building a search site only for jocks, travel, food or anything that you feel it important to find.

Think of it… be the first one to do something and don’t forget my share ;)

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