September 17th, 2005

I live next to al Thaqafa street in Shmeisani. Everyday I pass through this street, I just have one image stuck in my mind.. Art, music and cultural festival. People paint, play music and perform a sketch scene. But in real, the street is only a place for some people to set or walk.

So I’ve decided not to criticize this situation unless I do something about it. Then a chance came through the Jubilee School Alumni Club, and as a board member I worked with some of my colleague and started to organize a cultural event in the street.

I was so surprised of how much the municipality supported and encouraged us. They gave us reservation, even if it was in short notice, supports in printing the invitations and posters, media coverage and everything we need to make this event a success. Also I was surprised of how much students and graduates interacted with this idea and motivated. From all backgrounds they felt they need to show there other sensitive side of art and culture.

And here you go, with less than 10 days we are about to do something in this street. I hope it will succeed. And I hope this experience will encourage others to do so. Then we will have a street full of events all days of the year. This is what am looking forward to see. This is what am going to work for.

I would like to thank president of the club Mrs. Dima Jweehan for taking this dream a step forward. Mr. Nabeel Abu Atta for his efforts of building a bridge between our club and the municipality. Mr. Ali Al Dabbas for his active movements and support. The rest of the board members, and all people who is participating in this event.


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8 Responses to “IN THE STREET”

  1. Roba Says:

    Wonderful idea Wael! Very impressive initiative to bring culture to that street. I also live behind it, and every day, I feel sorry for an idea that could have been successful were it to see more support.
    Anyway, although this seems a little late, if you guys need any help in anything please let me know.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hats off to an impressive initiative,, Hope it develops into a longer term project…


  3. Lina Says:

    Wonderful idea… I love the poster, and you a great sense of initiative :) I hope it works out so that you guys can do stuff like that more often… Brilliant! Can’t wait to see it. Will tell all my friends and come ;)

  4. madas Says:


    Once upon a time, I commented that your view on life is very dark… i was very surprised and impressed when I read this post today… :) a bit of optimisim! and here you go… I am very happy yo see one of the most creative people in Jordan, being optimistic and doing something….hopefully more people will do like you…

  5. lulu Says:

    Wael, yourself, Damdoom, and all other Jubilians involved in this event will shine. I have no doubt about it. Just please keep us posted with pics and reports! I wish I could be a part of this, but alas..
    Good luck! Sawwer ya musawweeer, w 3alli ya sa7afah, Ilyoobeel foooooooo2 wil-ba2i batat… umm.. ilbaa2i ahla w sahla feehum ;)
    Hehe.. Just a flash from the past!

  6. Dima Jweihan Says:

    Thank you Wael for bringing this idea to light! Lets’ have fun..exceptional fun!

  7. Rania Says:

    Music, art, painting… oh what can be more wonderful! I’m sure it’s gonna be great:) Thank you so much for bringing such an idea into reality!

  8. lammoush Says:

    heeeeeey i was in jubilee i wish i was in amman that time :( but wow thats great i hope u’ll post about the event :)

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