It is so ironic to see two brothers from the same blood have two different and extreme opinions about Saddam. Some people still believe that Saddam is a hero and other believes he is murderer. Lots of people do not like Saddam, but they are so angry that he is being prosecuted in a court under American occupation. While others do not care as long as Saddam takes what they think he deserves.

Iraqi people are the most ones who are confused among us. Imagine your president who ruled your country even before you were born is being prosecuted now… some how it’s hard to believe.

Saddam did not show any value to the final sentence. In fact he is hoping to be considered now a martyr and a war hero who stood against the American-Israeli aggression on Iraq. More than that, he was concerned more about the American losses in Iraq as some kind of a message to the Iraqi people or maybe to open a hope door for him.

From a media perspective, the sentence revived the story around the prosecution and brought back the buzz around it after a time were it became pale and neglected. The changing of judges and the fights became used scenes and did not bring viewers rates back on track. From the begging, Bush administration tried to brand this trial as the trial of the century, simply because it is going to be archived in history as their victory in Iraq. And the success of this trial is the sign of their victory.

The sentence came after a bloody month for the U.S. army in Iraq since 2004. The numbers of lost in U.S. solders are increasing. And the fact that voices against war are increasing in America, puts Bush administration in a sensitive position, especially after few days from the elections.

This is why am not that surprised when I read about Saddam reaction to death sentence and why did he convert the subject into American losses. But the question is… does Saddam still have hidden cards on this game, or the game almost near the end?

History is no longer the same.

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3 Responses to “Once upon a time “I was a president””

  1. Abed. Hamdan Says:

    Murderer, killer, or whatever. Judging him in this way is nothing but humiliation to every Arab who have anything that might look like dignity.

  2. Hamzeh N. Says:

    I think Abed. Hamdan needs to speak for himself.

    I have my dignity and I’m proud of it, and no quarrel between criminals is going to suddenly make me think less of it.

    So, everyone speak for yourselves, thanks!

  3. Muhammad Ajuz Says:

    I hate him. Because,Saddam, this motherfucker (sorry, but i don´t know any other way to refer to him) has killed many people, and on his last year on the Iraqi power he, not he but his army, killed my brother, and he wasn´t as a soldier he was working for Rede Globo (Brazilian TV, like AlJazeera) as a cameraman. When i saw at the newspaper that he is going to die i became very happy.

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