My wife told me a very disturbing story which made me feel sick for couple of days. She knew a girl who took a cap back from university to her dorm. The taxi driver stopped the car. Locked the doors and started to masturbate… the girl freaked out and begged him to let her go. After he finished, he let her go….

The story is a bit old. And after that incident the girl wear hejab. But this is not the point. The point is how come such a sick guy like this is being lose in the streets. How come this girl did not took actions and informed the police.

I am sure that this is not the only story you will ever hear about sick taxi drivers. You will find many many stories similar to this incident. This is why there is a big need to monitor all taxi drivers in the country and punish those who do shameful things and to make them examples for others.

This is going too far, and far beyond we can imagine. The law must take a firm stand against such acts like this.

Meanwhile, I advice every girl who wants to ride a taxi to take a look at the car plate No. before she enters the cap and tries to memories the number then dial it in her mobile. Also it is wise to take a look at the taxi driver’s license and to keep his name in her mind.

I can’t ask every girl not take a cap alone. But I think it’s wise to have someone with you or if you have a little girl not to allow her to take one alone.

Until we have a better public transportation. Until we have disciplined taxi driver. Every girl and women should take a good care of herself and take precautions when taking a cap.

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10 Responses to “A sick taxi driver.. i whish i could kill him!”

  1. Pheras Hilal Says:

    Man, what’s even more sad is that it doesn’t stop there.

    So far, I’ve dealt with 5 taxi drivers who tried to pursue their sexual advances, and I am a guy! Imagine, I even rode with the same one twice (I didn’t realize that until I looked into his face and recognized him, that man went further and touched my crouch.

    What’s sad is when it happens with a girl, and the girl just doesn’t know what to do, or how to escape or avoid this situation.

    I think if we replace male taxi drivers with female ones, the situation would be much better. I also believe that every girl in Jordan should carry mase or pepper spray in her bag.

    Thanks for sharing this story man, you must spread the word, so that innocent girls do not fall in the same trap.

  2. Iman Says:

    What a sick bastard!

    I hate taking cabs when in Jordan, but often times it’s something I cannot avoid. I’ve had a few experiences myself with pathetic, scumb bags of taxi drivers …but none were as visually and mentally troubling as what you described above… typically, when I get an piece of crap of a driver I 1) tell him off, 2) demand he stops and then tell him off again! me telling him off may not necessarily change his dirty habits, but at least it gives me the satisfaction of not being passive!

    And by the way, you could be in niqab and still encounter the same sick scenario!

  3. moey Says:

    I’ve heard worse stories.. I wish I can remember

  4. Firas Says:

    I wish she wasn’t that weak and knew how to react (taking his number and reporting this low life).

    Another tip : Don’t let him know exactly where you live! Let him drop you off some distance away form home, keep the talk to the min. even if he “seemed” decent and nice.

  5. nasimjo Says:

    the problem is more general than that, parents here in jordan mainly do not teach their girls to act, but teach them to be dependable on other’s acts and SHUT UP!

    because it is not hard for example to catch such a taxi driver, espicially since there are 3 parties responsable for monitoring TAXIs in jordan (The traffice police, the PTRC, and the Ministry of tourism), but they cant monitor each and every rider’s experience, & unless the rider is not responsible for his ride, no body can be!

  6. Khalidah Says:

    We can say that she should have reacted, however; when being in the situation, one cannot predict how things progress .. she must have been so afraid that he might rape her or something and she must have been thinking about how to get out of there .. that was her priority

    Another thing comes to mind, if she does report him to the police; there would be an investigation and she will have to testify and as we all know, this is something that most women in our society avoid to the maximum extent, because our people blame the woman even if the man was the aggressor .. even if she was raped (Dod forbid) they would still blame the woman (the uncovered meat and cats theory is not only in Hilali’s mind) .. so I understand why she did not take action with the police

    Poor girl; she must have been freaked out by this vulgar shameful distasteful behavior on his part .. what a psycho!

  7. Basem Says:

    Wael, the reluctance to report such incidents only aggregate the problem to such proportions, inherited misconceptions about honor and reputation cripple us with notions of shame and belittling that we avoid seeking support or even justice, especially with women who were victims of such acts.

    I know of a case in which a taxi driver molested a teenage male student after kidnapping him, disregarding the misconceptions above, he asked witnesses who saw him disembarking the cab to take note of the car make and plate number, few months later the driver was arrested and thrown to al-Jafr prison (possibly being fornicated over there when the inmates know of his charges).

    People must act up.

  8. kinzi Says:

    Guys, it is a horrible, violating experience to be touched in private areas by a man who doesn’t access there by marriage. You freeze, fearful of what he will do, knowing he is sronger, knowing no one will believe you and he knows it too.

    Because I am a foreigner and assumed to be loose morally, I have to prepare myself for this every time I get in a taxi. Imagine how hard it is for me to rid myself of his imputed shame, except that I have a strong indentity of purity as God’s creation. You know, I’m almost in tears as I type this because I have to face it so often and it makes my life in Jordan sad.

    I have a routine now with taxis…before getting in I ask them to show me their license and I write down their name and number. If it doesn’t match the driver, I don’t get in. If they get mad, I know I can’t trust them.

    If they match and seem kind, I tell them in advance I am a woman of honor and will be treated as an aunt or a daughter in their taxi. Most then spend the whole trip telling stories like this poor girl and how awful some taxi drivers are. I make sure I give them a LARGE tip, as thanks from my husband.

    These sick men don’t deserve death, but rehabilitation. Imagine the lives of the poor wife and daughters at home who have to be dependent on this guy, and what would happen to them if he was thrown in jail long term?. Whole family counseling can break the cycle and use a shame based culture positively to make him change his ways.

  9. abu_shakuush Says:

    this guy should be castrated!

  10. Qwaider قويدر Says:

    Such sick people REALLY need to be locked up…. Ya 7aram! :(
    I read this story long time ago, but it doesn’t get old … it’s sick sick sick!

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