Yesterday I was so happy to have the chance to go and see one the events in Amman with my wife. It was long time ago since we went to such an event. Anyway the event was “Animation screen show” introduced by Abu Mahjoob Creative Productions.
It was meanly a screen show for Abu Mahjoob cartoons series from 2002 tell 2006. the show was pretty nice and I really enjoyed it. Until my wife’s mobile rang. It was my mother in law and she was having trouble with my little baby Joon. She was crying and no one could calm her down. So we couldn’t continue watching and we went back home… I was kind of upset, and I felt that my life is no longer mine. Many negative thoughts came to my mind on the way back. But once I opened the door and saw my little baby smiling, happy for our return. I said to my self “To the hell all the world, nothing worth like this beautiful smile”. She is the best screen show I’ve ever scene in my life… My baby Joon is the best life I could ever imagine.

So my dear… the moral of the story is… when you get married… don’t be sorry for the lost of your freedom. Because maybe you will have something much more precious than your life it self.

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3 Responses to “Abu Mahjoob Animation screen show and Joon”

  1. Khalidah Says:

    If only men listen and understand :)
    May God bless Joon and give her a happy life

    Allah yekhalelkom eyyaha :)

  2. Moey Says:

    this is why you should never get married before you get sick of life

  3. Reem Says:

    How dare you think for a moment that Joon stole your freedom???!!! Batfaham ma3ak bas arawe7 3ala amman!

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