Rest assured I will not be talking here about your pathetic lives and how to make it better. I only want to talk about the minute you have something to do you in your head, and the minute you want to produce it to the world.

I am not going to criticize anything about this subject, but I’ll try to redirect the argument on how we can become original and professional as individuals, and how to excel in our work.

Knowing the problem is part of solving it…well, we know the problem. We talked and talked about the lack of originality and craftsmanship in our Arab societies. Part of the problem is connected directly to the overall lifestyle and education system. The other part which is much important in my opinion is the personal side. Each individual can excel no matter what he went through or lived by… But again… How??

First close your eyes, imagine your work is being done, look at it and see it as perfect as possible … definitely better than what you were able to do before. It’s so perfect that everyone would admire this work.

Open your eyes and keep this image.

I’ll try to make it as simple as possible, taking in consideration my career background and experience. It may not directly apply to your work … but I hope the ideas do.

The process

  1. Love: you Must like what you Do. If not, try to find love inside what you do.. I am not talking about what you do for living only; I mean everything you do.. If you don’t like what you do, you’d be better off not doing it.
  2. Think: always think, make your mind busy with thinking. And when you think, disconnect your self from the outside, focus.. Try to make your body think with you, use your hands to sketch.
  3. Look different: Do not take things as they are by default; Question everything people made around you. Always ask why and how.. Everything should work and serve a purpose.. If not, ask why? Look for problems to solve, for needs to serve and for aims to reach. Look for reason. See case studies and examples, learn while you work.
  4. Target: set your target. Everything you do should serve a purpose. And if you want to excel more, make sure your purpose serves the good of the others rather than your personal interest. This will make others care about your work and support you. If you don’t know what you are working for, simply don’t work. If your target is money and only money, then I don’t think you will care if you excel or not as long as you earn your money.. so my advice is: don’t waste your time reading this.
  5. Believe: always believe that you can do it. If someone was able to do it then you can do it.
  6. Plan: Don’t plan in details, just divide your work into stages, and when you reach each stage, subdivide it and so on.. When estimating time, make sure you can do it by that time. To know how to estimate the task time, just imagine yourself doing the work, and you will sense the time you need for the job.
  7. Do it right: Each step of your work should be well done. Don’t go to next step unless you make sure that the previous one is perfect.. AND DO NOT COMPROMISE OR ACCEPT LESS THAN PERFECT.
  8. Problems: If you find it hard to do the perfect job you’ve imagined then make sure that the following are the reasons behind it:
  • Not enough skills: then learn more, practice more and don’t give up because there is still a chance.
  • I don’t like what I am doing; I don’t believe that I can do it: then stop working - you are wasting your time.
  • I don’t have time: then your time estimation and plan are not working. Try to find plan B. Estimate your time again. This time your estimation will be much realistic than before because you already got involved in the work and your sense of time is much higher.

Finishing the work: Reaching 70% of what you have imagined at the first place is more than great, but always give your work the possibility for more development. Test your work. Try to look for weaknesses and “defects” in your work.. learn from them and try not to do them again in your next job. And make sure each time you work, the better and better you become. This will only be possible if you consider everything you do as a learning process.

This process does not mean that you should be harsh on yourself. It’s an attempt to make you think more seriously about what you’re doing and showing you the importance of each act you do.

In general

  • Do not accept everything as given, and do not over-criticize. Try to find better solutions and alternatives.
  • Do not compromise your work, and when you do something try to do it right.
  • Make sure that your work is functioning and serving the purpose you aimed for.
  • Consider what you do as a part of an ongoing learning experience, and each time you do something, try do it better than the previous time.
  • If your base is well done, then your work is well don. Don’t build your work on a weak base. Each step should be well done.

What we really lack is original ideas and craftsmanship.. Original ideas come from looking at the needs around us, serving them better and trying to influence other experiences. Craftsmanship needs learning, trying and experimenting, in addition to caring about details.

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6 Responses to “It is time to EXCEL.. It is time to be ORIGINAL”

  1. David Bjorgen Says:

    I guess it’s a good thing that all of your points are #1. ;)

  2. Ahmad Humeid Says:


    This is brilliant. Your best post so far. A SYNTAXer speaks! ;)

  3. Dima Jweihan Says:

    Wael..Thank you so much for your inspiring post..I’ve already printed it out and distribute it among the staff here.

  4. manal yusuf Says:

    i haven’t read something this good for the last 6-8 months…it is really interesting…u make me read it over n over…n ill still read from a while to another, it is so motivated, ethitic and genuine :)
    good job, beautiful!!!!!!

  5. dozz Says:

    amazing!!…its really comforting to know there r people like u in the world..and in JORDAN!!!!thts big!!!…its like “life manual” in a couple of words… now i tottaly agree…except for the part of serving others…coz f ur working FOR others…then u’ll b working up to people standards and expectations…n thts pure slavery…pleasing people would b ur limit…while whn ur workin for ur own ego…or for GOD(the concept of 5ilafet al-ard)which is even better…that’s the strongest motive i beleive…it makes u push urself to the limit…the real limit!!!
    now..the thing is…i seem to stop at the thinking phase in most projects..i dnt know why?..i wear myself out ‘thinking’…n that’s it!!!…in the few times i went past that n proceeded to the end…i impressed myself n people around me as well..i just find it really hard to get past the thinking phase…like there’s something i have to get over…

  6. dozz Says:

    one more thing..what the heck is that comment previous to mine????!!!!!!

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