Integrity vs. popularity

October 19th, 2006

There are so many types of people and mentalities; therefore there are so many kinds of blogs and bloggers. Some people blog because they want to be famous [Miss Nancy Ajram]. Or they want to bring traffic to there site for more ad sense money [Traffic collectors]. You will see those people comment everywhere, post 1 to 3 posts daily. Short posts, quotes, news highlights or anything they can post about… quality is not important… purpose is not important too.

But some people take there blog in a much more serious way. They try to keep some sort of value on what they post. They also try to keep there posts original and not taken from other sources. Those people think 10 times before they post. And maybe they have a box full of drafts. If they feel that this post will not do any good to the reader, they prefer not to publish it.

I respect both kinds. I can’t say this is wrong or right… because this is a part of the blog culture… this is a part of the ultimate web freedom. Also these are two extreme cases. Definitely there are some bloggers in the middle.

For people who like to keep integrity of there website, the most dangerous thing to do is to have a web stat plug-in or try to keep track on your blog visitors through Alexa or similar web services. You will become obsessed with traffic. You will start to do everything to increase your visitor numbers. This will lead you eventually to lower your standers and at the end… Your reader will rule you and you will become a service provider not a writer… This not the case of all bloggers

At the end it’s your blog… you’re free of what ever you would like to do on the web…
But keep your original purpose in your mind and try to keep the good work.

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4 Responses to “Integrity vs. popularity”

  1. The Observer Says:

    Can I be both?

    I mean being concerned about traffic and increasing number of visitors to my blog, and yes, maybe to benefit of it sometime later if it got somehow so popular, but at the same time trying to maintain the quality of my writing, as of doing my best to come up with original ideas that would touch the person reading my blog.

    I have been wonder about the same thing you just said, and yes, it gets me excited to find my stats increasing when I post something, and I have been wondering of a methods to increase my traffic without compromising of the way I post my thoughts.

    One other thing. I feel like Jordan Planet can produce excellent writers in the future. It becomes highly competitive for some which push us all to do better. Like old arabia when they used to compete in poems. We compete in blogging now :)

  2. hamede Says:

    True,good post.

  3. Samir Says:

    I totally agree. Except I am not “neutral” about which is right and wrong, that’s probably because I get very very annoyed with babble that has no content.

    I became traffic addicted for a while, It’s amazing how powerful the traffic drug is. It too me a long time to get over it.

  4. dadan Says:

    AHHH whata nice blog you got … :P
    i like to think of myself as a traffic collector …

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