Are we just copy machines?!!

September 8th, 2005

I AM JUST SICK of imitations. I just kept hours and hours, going through 170 Arab satellite channels, and all what I saw is copy cat TV shows, movies, real TVs, video clips and commercials. I just don’t believe it !!

Are those people who work on these stuff proud of what they are doing?? Do they think that no one will know from were they took there ideas? I can’t imagine how do they think!!

Most of Egyptian movies are 100% copy of Hollywood. Believe it, some movies has the same script and even the same storyboard, costumes and scenery.. and what makes you sad that the writer or director of the movie take a credit of himself.

And what about the real TV mania, almost every Real TV broadcasted in America has an Arabic version or a similar Arabic show.

Forget fashion, forget everything else, its just shows you how much poor we became, how pathetic our minds are.. everyday and day the believe of that Arab mentality is not creative, becomes solid to me.. Here in Jordan, when someone launches a good business, people start to work like a copy machine.. and dozens of the same business fill up the market. 120 internet caf.. in one street, 4 mobile companies, hundreds and hundreds of mobile stores..

I AM JUST SICK OF THAT, and sure thing is that am going to start an Anti Arab Copy Cat Organization.. my be one day we will be able to bring something new to our people and to civilization.


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6 Responses to “Are we just copy machines?!!”

  1. Hatem Abunimeh Says:

    Who said that creativity is supposed to be for free !? Which is more frugal to copy an existing prototype or establish a new one? I know it is the latter, so there you have it. We don’t have the same resources like the ones available for the people in Hollywood, we don’t have the talents either, even if we do have some talents, they have yet to be utilized. Creativity is not encouraged at all in the Arab world, I heard all kinds of horrible stories about athletes trying to raise money to travel abroad to compete on the international level. I heard other horrible stories about inventors trying to patent their inventions. Research and development is nonexistent in our part of the world, no one wants to invest on anything that doesn’t have a guaranteed return, we simply are risk averse, if there is a slightest chance of failure exists any where in the project, then no one would approach it even with a six foot pole. We copy desks, videos, software, movies, books, and athletic shoes too. Case in point, it is simpler, it is cheaper, and it doesn’t need governmental approval.

  2. Roba Says:

    I’m so glad there are still creative people in this world! Thank you so much for that post!
    I totally hear you.. God, it pisses me off so bad ya Wael.. we really do have some talented people, bas it’s like Hatem said, no one is willing to take a risk. Quite sad.. quite sad..

  3. Ibrahim Says:

    you are right wael, i can see this …
    but i’ve always wondered why others are more creative than us why they are always whom bring the new idea … i couldnt find answer for that … ok i thinked of it in the way hatem explained it, but comeon pepole even in Graphic designs their designs always the best and we cant compet them, but do you know why ?
    coz when they work on somthing they work hard and they take their time to make it perfect, they always look for perfection.
    perfection is a never ending story, but we can reach a level from perfection, and thats what they do, they try hard to make it perfect as much as they can …
    and they have lots of competitors, every competitor try to make somthing more creative than the other. but we here we dont have this competition.

    also we have a big problem and its our education system, if you did somthing no one will encourge you to complete it or develop it … no they will keep pushing you down until you leave the whole idea you came up with …
    man we have sick minds here in the arab world … they just need to change our universties doctors and then everything will be aright …
    mo3akdyen nafsyan ow beynsh2ou jyeel mo3akad akthar menhoum …

  4. Ibrahim Says:

    i once asked a creative director in one of the foreign agencies, how you make these creative ideas ?
    he answered: we smoke hashish!

    maybe thats why
    lol :D

  5. Ala'a Says:

    Such a nice expressing blog but one little comment, you could’ve replaced are WE with are They, I’m an arabian proud guy but I won’t let some bunch of dumbasses change my mind about my nation… anyway the point is the sickness of our nation comes from our beliefs I think it mighta take hundreds of years to change the sick traditional beliefs of our people, so I think can’t change the crappy reality we are living by a night…

  6. Gonzalo Cantoni Says:

    Enjoyed reading your posts.

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