302 crap Arabic series has only one good indicator. That Arabic cartoon May be better than Arabic Drama after all. Those Arabic cartoons are taking a new space in Ramadan competition. This year we had a rise in the numbers of Arabic cartoon production on TV channels. I counted 4 series tell now. This is not only a rise in numbers but also a raise in quality and branding.

“Men Wahl Al wake3 2” Abu Mahjoob’s latest production, in terms of quality and time, it is much better than the last year. Hopefully this will continue.


On MBC1 a new Arabic series called “Daily’s of Menahy” are making a big buzz in Saudi Arabia. It’s the first Saudi cartoon production. The scenario and dialogue are pretty good. The animation needs a bet of tweaking, but in general it’s making a huge buzz in the gulf. And I see lots of people downloading series videos from the web.

A new well done 3D animation show, which is being featured on Dubai TV and Sama Dubai called “Freej”. “Freej” is UAE cartoon production. The characters are pretty cool; the scenarios are funny and not bad. The good thing about this show is that they are branding it very will. Take a look at there website.

About the forth cartoon series, I don’t have enough information. It’s being showed on Sama Dubai. I watch one episode and I really liked it. It’s about an Egyptian guy lives and works in UAE. The drawings are amazing, thanks to our talented artist Amer Al kokh. If you know any information about this cartoon series please feel free to add more information to this article.

The interesting thing about those shows is that they are targeting adult audience. The scripts and dialogues are trying to be socially or politically critic. You may not like any one of them… but look at it from a deferent angle; you may see a new field of competition in the Arabic TV production. Sooner that you think!

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16 Responses to “Arab cartoon industry is coming up”

  1. BigDaddy Says:

    Eventually u brought me some hope of our arab artists, since I can’t watch any of the previously mentioned shows it’s really interesting to see at least their websites, thanks man

  2. Moey Says:

    yeah, finally revolutiom..

  3. Rebecca Says:

    I’ve seen some advertisements for what looks like a cartoon set in Iraq, with guys who look like US soldiers. What is that one about?

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    Rebecca.. I have No idea !!

  5. SUSIE Says:


  6. bllomy Says:

    What a dumb stupid show~~~~~ Why would u put it on TV u racist people!

  7. fadimah Says:

    i like om khams pleaze send me some vedios od the cartoon “freej”

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    Fadimah try to search for this show on

  9. sam Says:

    this is wierd


    Al freej is the best 3d carton in the world weither you like it OR NOT…. This is a fAct dears

  11. malika Says:

    I like freej is the most popular cartoon hayakom allah 3ichto
    keep it up

  12. fakhrodinne simo Says:

    i like freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeej so much

    ma ynmalou

  13. naaz Says:

    freej cartoon is very nice u all r working very hard & trying 2 keep all tradition in it the more i like is freej ramadan epsoide which i had seen in flight qatar airways well keep it up .

  14. Evangelina Says:

    Thank your for your research.

  15. big h Says:

    I was invited by a friend to see the studio where they made this cartoon and im sorry to say it is not made by arabs, it’s drawn animated & story borded by indians and people of other nationalities.
    only the voice actors and the money is arabic, even my friend admited he was paid just to sit there and sign his name.

  16. Adel Says:

    For big h,
    It’s true that Indian draw the pictures of the cartoon but whose Idea was it? Can they do it the way they did it without the Arabs? Just be fear and say it.

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