As most of Muslims know, “Masa7araty” is someone who walks in the streets before done. Shouting and calling for people to wakeup, so that they can eat “Sa7or” and prey for God before the done prayer call…

This year I swear I didn’t hear any “Masa7araty” in the neighborhood. But today and before sunset, two young men rang my door bell. one of them said that he is the “Masa7arty” and he was asking for some money “Elly be6la3 men nefsak”.

Well…daaaaaaah… first of all, I didn’t hear his voice all of Ramadan. Secondly he does not look like any “Masa7arty”. In fact he looks like a drug addict. Also it is not the end of Ramadan. And this is not the way the “Masa7raty” asks for money every year… Every year the “Masa7raty” walks in the streets, infront of people with his drum asking for goods. But those guys were without any drum or even voice.

What am saying is that anyone could call himself a “Masa7araty” and knocks the doors asking for money… This is a big door for sick people to take advantage of good people. I am not saying that those guys are layers. Maybe they are saying the truth… but for me they looked 100% suspicious.

I suggest that the Ministry of Religious Endowments should take control of this job…
First: to save this ritual or tradition and keep it alive.
Second: to give people who are really in need for a job, the chance to earn some money.
Third: to protect good people from frauds.

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3 Responses to ““Masa7raty”…what the hell!!”

  1. Firas Says:

    I would say they might be burglers as well!

    Now, during Eid’s vacation, they’ll be going around marking off homes that are empty to rob them.
    This is my post about this from last year :

    If they show up again, report them. They’ll make sure to catch these punks. Now, do Msahrati’s get money? I thought they do it for free?

  2. lammoush Says:

    whats with ppl like this coming out of nowhere in ramadan? coming up with all kinds of stories to get money from ppl
    like those beggers n all
    i think by giving them anything ppl encourage them to go on, they should be just ignored untill they really do some work n get money, and when ppl want to do good and give some money for the poor there are many ways to reach out to the “real poor” not those who pretend and lie for a living…

  3. Samer Marzouq Says:

    Last I heard a ms7araty was 4 year ago, as for those 2 I don’t believe anyone who asks for money, believe me those who are really in need don’t go out and ask for money.

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