As a step to keep the club’s members posted on recent events and activities, the Jubilee Alumni club has launched its Weblog at

The site includes information about the club, and will be used to post announcements on new events. It is also has links to weblogs by other Jubilee alumni. The blog is still under development and hopefull it will connect people more.

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3 Responses to “Jubilee School Alumni Club launched its Weblog”

  1. Jordan Spirit Says:

    Ya Wael ya 3ateeli,

    Ana Mushtag jiddan laka …

    Su2al Sagheer … Who is responsible for updating the school blog? … I.e. Who should we send stuff to if we want things added there?


  2. Wael Attili Says:

    Hala hala Feras
    Walla you can send it to anyone from the board members

    I gave all the user name and password and they can all add to the blog

    Ya3ni you can send to Ashraf, Dima, Ali el Dabbas, Abu Ata, Me

    I know enha mesh 3amleh, bas we keep el neyyeh el 7asaneh

  3. Jordan Spirit Says:

    Sank you …

    Still disconnected ??


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