Finally I was able to gather most of my clay work photos and upload them on flickr.

Take a look at the gallery.

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13 Responses to “Sha3teely launches His Clay Art Gallery”

  1. Safa Says:

    Love it! Alf Mabrook.

    Why not put on display in one of Amman’s few art houses?

  2. omar Says:


    THEY’RE SO COOL! YOU SHOULD DO ME A LITTLE MEMEPOORA! (the little creature in my header) hehehe.

    Kteer 7elew sho3′lak
    I admire your talent! :D

    it’s really cool! :D


  3. Nas Says:

    man listen, this is friggin amazing! and when i build my future coffee shop/corner bookstore, i’m going to get you to put these on display :-D

  4. Zeid Nasser Says:

    Nice work Wael … I agree that you need to show your ‘works’ to the public.

  5. Roba Says:

    Raheeeeeeeeb Wael! I loveee them!

  6. Abed. Hamdan Says:

    mashallah, creative w 7elo :)

  7. Haitham Issam Says:

    Wael great collection! The Sha3teely ones are the funniest! Keep it up.

  8. manal y Says:

    i like the small details in them

  9. kinzi Says:

    Wael, very creative! I also wondered when there will be an exhibit.

  10. Red Rose Says:

    cute & lovely ones..

  11. Rebecca Says:

    Such great expressions on their faces. Your kiddo is lucky to have such a fun dad.

  12. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you All… ill took most of your valuable comments into consideration..

  13. euroarabe Says:

    pretty brilliant! put your work on my site sometimes…hope you rdont mind..

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