Unused resources…!

September 20th, 2006

Universities in Jordan are almost not adding much to the development process of society in term of direct participation in economic and scientific industries. It is more like a school in a form of a university.

Most of students are graduated with no knowledge or experience in actual work. Most of them lack experience and skills. 80% of there knowledge are gained through work.

There is a big question mark on our high education system. We need to transform those institutions into active and useful institutions for both private and public sector.

Unfortunately private sector is considering university student as target consumers rather than looking at them as information source. In some part of the world, universities are considers a viable source of research and information. We can adopt this example here and gain lots of interest for both parties.

Engaging universities in the market opens new channels for more development of society.  It will give universities extra money incomes and supports.  And provide market sectors with proper research and information.

It’s time for those sectors to get use of these wasted powers and start making deals with universities. For example the Municipality of Greater Amman could use some students to make a research about traffic jams in Amman. Or it could ask some students of architecture to study and archive old Amman.

Instead of studding things only on paper, Let them have the chance to learn from real work.

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2 Responses to “Unused resources…!”

  1. Samer Marzouq Says:

    I agree with you but educational system is just screwed as everything in Jordan is screwed.

  2. Tareq Says:

    Wa2il.. i used to check ur website abt a year ago.. then “el zoroof” made me offline for a while..now back & i can c a revolution! Congratulations for the new look… a real innovative and DEEP site :)
    About Universities in Here,,they only get into newspapers when a fight occurs or when student board elections turn bad!

    I dont know where are we going to,, but i always pray and hope for the best..

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