Workers in a construction site.. photo taken by Yazan Doughan 2002

As my daily morning habit I went to see whats new in the JordanPlanet. I was shocked to hear such news about Amman towers being collapse.

Two men were died!! Well… how many more people should die for us to learn that there is something called safety regulations, or is it because the workers are not Jordanians so no one care.

Am so pissed off from how building constructions are being managed. FYI its not the first time such an accident like this happened in Jordan… I remember that a same accident happened while constructing the Sheraton Hotel in Amman. Two other workers died when a roof collapse on there heads. At that time no one mentioned this accident. No measurements were taken. They just kept it unknown.

If you go to all construction sites in Jordan, you will not ever see a worker who takes his safety inconsideration. In fact they consider it “3eeb” a sham. No proper clothes, no proper gears and no proper method of work. Contractors do not care. Government does not care. No one care. Why should they spend more money and efforts on safety regulations while we have thousands of workers who can take place of the dead ones?

I know that the problem is not only the lack safety. But accidents could happen anytime and anywhere. Taking safety regulation inconsideration might save some lives, a life of a man who traveled hundreds of miles to feed his family.

No construction site should be allowed, no contractor should be allowed to work unless his workers are fully equipped. No workers should be allowed to work in a construction site unless he is following safety guidelines. In fact I think they should be trained first and given a certificate that allows them to work in construction site.

No matter how big or small a construction site is, this underestimation of life safety has to stop.

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3 Responses to “How many people have to die for us to learn?”

  1. dozz Says:

    The fact that one of these towers was on fire just a couple of weeks ago,at 5 a.m. ‘friday’! morning(when workers are nt there yet)…and hearing that they cleaned up all yesterdays’s mess right away,makes me it really a matter of safety regulations and standards…i see everyone wearing their helmets all the time…the gaurds are pretty strict about the rules in general..of course no one knows whether they abbide to building codes..but i certainly smell corruption…

  2. Samer Marzouq Says:

    Believe me no one care, it is similar to drivers, most of drivers here ignore seatbelts even they know it can save their lives and yet they just ignore it, they cross red traffic lights, drive so fast…. how many died or became handicaps and yet the whole community doesn’t care, “masheha o la edoq” that’s what you hear all the time.

  3. Wael Attili Says:

    I know No one cares… but I believe if blog about all these issues… if form a force for good change then we might be able to push them to care… Media should care… Leaders should care and the law must be forced

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