I read this interesting article on cnn about enhancing human memory in an up normal way, a device that work as your personal black box. Most of our daily received information are in a form of images, it became now important to create a proper technology which take some the load on brains, and to enhance the way we store images.

After the post about info contamination I wrote before… I think this technology will be a bless :) or maybe will not needing brains any more :)

Here is a part of the article

LONDON, England (CNN) — Human memory is notoriously unreliable — as the memoirs of countless politicians have proved.

For centuries people and societies have developed strategies to help them recall information, from knots in handkerchiefs, mnemonics and Post-It notes to repositories of collective memory such as museums and libraries.

But now technology may be on the verge of providing us with the ability to store and file details of our lives far beyond our natural capacity to remember.

Already many people carry camera phones enabling them to capture moments in video and pictures that previously would have been lost forever.

But that could only be the tip of the iceberg as the miniaturization of image sensor and digital recording technology and ever-expanding capacities for data storage make possible the development of personal “Black Box”-style recorders capable of chronicling entire lives.

One prototype that already goes some way towards that eventuality is Microsoft’s SenseCam, picked out by Bill Gates in a recent Time magazine interview as one of the software giant’s most exciting projects.

Designed at Microsoft’s Cambridge research laboratory in the UK, SenseCam is a device which records still images by using ambient information such as changing light or sound levels, whether the user is in motion or whether anyone else is standing within two meters to enable it to work out when to take a photo.

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6 Responses to “All of people will get 100/100 in the history exams!”

  1. mala2e6 Says:

    Remember the movie “the final cut” by robin williams where peopel have chips in their heads to record all their daily events?

    scary if can be done sa7?


    weselni 3al email some of ur cartoons,you have very creative mind .i liked the one about reasons of traffic jam in jordan..

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    mala2e6: thanks .. i never thought that these cartoon will take that email tours :)

  3. mohammad Says:

    this is a very bad idea , cause sometimes ppl need to forget , if it was meant for humans to have perfect memory ,god whould’ve gave us one .

  4. manal y Says:

    oh yes wael your cartoons are spreading out there :)

    and here you are providing us with another new information, where to store it?
    if one day technology come up with a brain chip, me out of everyone will need 3 lol

    you just made me pause and think how even small information are stored in our heads, the same pause like when you keep repeating a word over and over and at the end it will sound weird….
    ok im having a chain reaction here…

  5. Wael Attili Says:

    Mohammad.. interesting point of you.. sara7a i never look at it in this way… thanks

    Manal… you just reminded me of my sara7an.. when i just to think about something and then i find my self thinking about something else and then i stop and i try to remember what started all these thoughts :)

  6. Abdullah Says:

    Mohammad, and Wael,

    Muhammad you are exactly true, as we are blessed with the fact our memory can block or delete certain things from our lives, I don’t need to be reminded of a sin that I regret deeply for example.
    Or I don’t wan to remember a view that I should not have seen…. or any of these life things that are not worth remembering.
    I think the more man gets into things that should not be of his specialty or concern the more miserable he gets, and the more freedom he loses.

    Technology is good when its used for the good being of mankind and to alleviate suffering…
    And it’s no good when it’s used for spying, destruction, and evil in general.
    Unfortunately, we always manage to use technology mostly negatively as history has shown. God have mercy on mankind as man’s wit and intelligence is directed to produce evil.

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