Last Saturday was my first wedding anniversary, its been a whole year and I felt that time is passing so quick. I survived thank GOD, and I thank my beautiful wife for make it a wonderful year. I thank all my friends who supported me and gave me good advices and I wish all of you to have a happy life..

I made this clay work for my wedding invitation a year before, and I just wanted you to share that monument with me.

All the love I can give for Shorouk, Allah ye7′lelly eyyaki

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15 Responses to “One past, life to go “inshAlla””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    still feels like yesterday we ‘zafainakom’ guys!! wishing u happier years filled with baby waelS n shushuS..n ofcourse like u promised,one after my name too ; )..and they CAN NOT call me khalto..not in a million years..!
    w a7la zagrouta lal 3arousain…lululululululluululeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  2. du3a2 (aka dee) Says:

    sorry 4got 2 add my name…how else would u knw wat 2 call ur

  3. Natasha Says:

    Alf Mabrouk Sha3teeli. the clay is just sooo cute:-)

  4. Roba Says:

    Mabrook Sha3teely, may there be many more happy ones to come.
    And WOW, that is the cutest wedding card I’ve ever seen in my life! So creative. On with guts, snd on with creativity.

  5. raindrop Says:

    “late” happy anniversary :) allah y’7alekum la b3id

  6. M!R@CHK@ Says:

    Congrats :) wish you a long life of happiness :)

  7. jameed Says:

    Alf mabrook, 3oqabal ma jaykoo il sabi :D

  8. madas Says:

    Mabrouk :) they always say that the first year is the hardes, so things will only get better now :)

  9. Ammar Ibrahim Says:

    Allah ykhaleekom la ba3ad ya rub :) forever. alf mabrook man

  10. Wael Attili Says:

    Thank you all, you really made my day.. I wish you all a life full of happiness and progress. :…)..

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I’m back!!! May this year be the first of many many more to come! I will sure c u guys tom!

    Alf mabrouk,

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Wael & Shuruk,

    Happy Anniversary and may this love last for a life time and be nurtured with the joy and laughter of bright children twinkle like stars in your hearts.

    Love from,

    Dima & Amjad Karajah

  13. manal yusuf Says:

    hey do u know dima and amjad karajah they r woderfull ppl… and ofcourse happy anniversary to u n yr wife :)

  14. Anonymous Says:

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  15. Mariam Says:

    lol :P :P hello….u did that it rly ammazing..

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