August 18th, 2005

How much a person value in this society? Do we measure people by how much money or power do they have, or how much close they are to leaders at the top or how much they can suck for them?

If we are just able to measure people on how much they work for the better good of society, this place would be a haven for me! I’ve just remembered what the king just said in his last speech to the ministers and senates when he said that no one is above the law and all are being measure upon their contribution toward the county, this phrase hit my mind and heart. And I’ve just seen how much poor am I. The reality always bites.. I am normal citizen with no money or “Wasta” wishing everyday to pass without troubles. When I drive I always hope not to have a fight with someone “Wasel 3ashan ma yen7′reb beety”. If I have “Mo3amaleh” I wish not to run too much between floors.

The fact that am not looking for money or power, am just looking for respect.. and in this country you can’t get it unless you have money or power. I wish if they know, I wish if they value.. I am out of the scale.

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3 Responses to “Scale”

  1. madas Says:

    Wael i hear what you say and i sympathize, sometimes i feel your view of the society is bleak and dark… it always hits me that negativity is a sickness we all show the symptoms for… maybe just maybe if we started being positive, things might change? well it is the naive side of me writing this comment.

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    Dear madas, if you look at what I do and how I think and work you will see that am only looking to the small light inside this hall darkness, but you cannot ever ignore the darkness around us, otherwise we wouldn’t be a 3ed world, and yes I believe its a dark time and place we live by, but yet I believe we can change that only if talk about it… knowing the problem is part of the solution

  3. Wael Attili Says:

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