Info Contamination

September 4th, 2006

In the last decade, and with the fast developments on the internet, we reach to a point where the amount of information is unbelievable… No man on earth can measure exactly how much information is stored on this little planet. The normal human mind can not digest information properly anymore. Which causes stress, tension and mind block outs.

I will take myself as a case study; just to see how much a normal person receive information in one single day:

-         I wake in the morning and prepare my self to work… I may receive information on things that I have to do today.

-         I take my car and go to work. The car it self is a machine which provide you with information to be able to deal with it.

-         While you drive on the road you receive information from road signs, billboards… etc.

-         I reach the office… and I start my computer…” check, emails, news, blogs, work tasks”.

-         I keep myself on this information nets for around 8-9 hours.

-         I May while working read a book, newspaper, go to a meeting… receiving more and more information.

-         I finish working and go strait home…

-         At home I watch TV. I have more than 300 channels which I want to pick one to watch…

-         Also by watching TV am still receiving information…

-         When I get tiered I finish my day with a good sleep.

As you can see from my typical day each second I receive information. This information is being stored in my conscious and subconscious mind all day long… this process causes me stress, bad memory, lack of focus and mind blocking.

Signs everywhere, ads news flashes, and text and images all these things are becoming the most dangerous things on human minds.

Also on the web, there is also an info contamination, its becoming harder and harder to keep tracking on what is going on the web. Millions of websites, blogs, web applications. Billions of people… every single one of them is adding new information… this article is adding something to the web.

Am just wondering how much far is it going to be? How are we going to live in the next few years? What will happen to us if we kept storing more and more information? Are we going to evolve into some big head creatures?

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3 Responses to “Info Contamination”

  1. Yazan Says:

    I guess it all goes down to darwin’s descent of a man… the more u use an organ the more it evolves… or so he proved.

    although, it is arguable that in any given moment everyone is recieving the same amount of data, at least people with the same capabilitis -senses wise-, if ur reading an article on the computer, or staring at an extremely dull sunset. ur using almost all ur senses, and ur brain, is functioning, the only difference is are u storing in ur subconcious or ur immediate memory.

  2. manal y Says:

    they better come up with a memory stick for our brians then,
    i’ve been comming up with great idea’s the last couple of days,

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