Are you a provider or taker?

August 28th, 2006


Top: a picture of a wire frame car made by kids… (Imagination)
Bottom: a toy car which you can buy from a market (Temptation)

A chair can be a spaceship

A stick can be a sward

6 pairs of old socks can be a ball

Sand and water can make a city

Although I didn’t have much of toys, and even though I couldn’t afford to buy expensive toys, I had a wonderful and great childhood. Simply because I had enough imagination and I was able to make everything around me something joyful. In fact I loved to make my own toys. I loved to create stuff and invent things. I was happy and proud of what I do and make.

In the other hand, there is another child who never had the chance to make anything. Why? Because everything he asked for and anything he wanted, was given to him by someone else. So he did not feel the need to create… he did not experience the pleasure of achievement.

When you go to a furniture store… what I is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see a beautiful peace of furniture?

- I wanna bay it… I wanna own it…

Or- I wish I can do something like that… I can do something like that.

This is a simple test to see if you are a provider or taker. But the question is… why do I need this categorization. I don’t care if I am a provider or taker.

The answer is simple… if you are a provider… Then you are much more independent and much more secure. You will be able to enjoy life no matter how it was difficult… and also you increase your value for the community. But being a taker is only making you dependent and vulnerable to greed and depression.

This is in a personal level; the other side of the story is community. A productive society is much stronger that a consumer society. The more you produce the more powerful you become.

You can look at China example and see how much power it gained from its industry. I am not saying that we must be Chinese. All what I am mean is that we need to teach our new generation the value of productivity.

Everyday passes we become more and more consumers… This is the biggest challenge we are facing now. And the only way to fight it back is to teach our kids the value of productivity and the great sense of achievement. Rather than teaching them to be dependents and takers.

How are you gonna do that… well YOU THINK OF SOMETHING

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8 Responses to “Are you a provider or taker?”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Dar Says:

    Is that the car that is made of wires that my father had been telling me about all the time , that in the past they used to made ?!


  3. manal y Says:

    and an english mop can be a weg to have long hair looool
    i have a long list :)

    i think it dosnt matter how rich or poor you are, to be catogorized in either beeing a provider or a taker, it’s the values you are raised on..a child must be tought the value of money, by not giving him more than he need, you must give a child a chance to experience someday how to save it. he must realised in any situation he must feel lucky and money dose not make you happy…
    you must give a child space to creat and support his creativity to become one day a productive and an independent indivisual.
    teach your kid how to be social, and to learn from other people,

    any way i see you must start with a kid when s/he is young, and it is from the parents that they learn and copycat.

  4. Wael Attili Says:

    I agree with you manal.. but sometimes I believe in a theory that says:
    الحرمان يولد الإبداع

    Creativity and inventions needs a motivation, don’t you think so?

  5. manal y Says:

    Creativity and inventions needs a motivation its true, but not necasary from الحرمان to become motivated. its a small number of people that turns negative things in their life into positive benifits.

  6. Wael Attili Says:

    Manal: I agree, but sometimes there is a good side of living in misery “am not saying that we all should live in misery to be creative”. It provokes you to express in much more creative way, and create great stuff out of need.

    Look at the examples of Naji Al Ali, Thomas Edison,, Charlie Chaplin, Malcolm X, and all great and historical men and women.. They all suffer from something in their lives, but they turned to be great people after all.

    Anyway… As I said before this is not necessary applicable to all and this is not a rule.

  7. manal y Says:

    we are on the same side :)
    but there must be some people that had a relax life and trun out to be atleast creative, all i can think of right now is this guy Karim Rashid , i know he is not enough, do you have any name in mind…

    oh yes Paris Hilton hehehe just kidding

  8. manal y Says:

    ok i rememebred some names Mahatma Ghandi and Che Guavera, they had a relxed life growing up Gahndi was the son of a Prime Minister, and Che was from an upper class family.

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