Ta3rapozy language

August 14th, 2005


Adaptation of technological term are sometime funny, well.. what the heck, who cares if am saying it right or wrong as long you can understand what am saying. Technology became pain in the ass, and terms become much and much harder to understand and read, or even memories, lots of shortcuts such as UPS, RSS, HTTP, XHTML, PHP..etc I think one day languages will all become shortcuts “ HTDP LXML SFG NYT ”. and what makes worst is that we cannot translate terms into Arabic or at least we do not have a unified translation, so people by default start to use pronunciation of English word in an Arabic language form, and the outcomes are hilarious. So don’t laugh when you hear someone say BAKAS instead of BACK AXIS because its just a form of adaptation. I see this clear in most of the consumers societies such as in the gulf where you will find some English terms became part of there common language “ GLASEH, WIRE, LEET “ Light or LAMBA”, MOTOR” and so on. This is why I believe that communication methods are dynamic and evolving entity, therefore languages are in a constant change too.

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5 Responses to “Ta3rapozy language”

  1. jameed Says:

    “languages are in a constant change too.” Of course! But I still can’t help but smile when I hear the Arabized verb “yfakkis” (send a fax)

    PS Arab linguists have actually called the fax a “nasookh”, which too make me smile.

  2. Wael Attili Says:

    walla you reminded me of fakkesha ra7at 3an bali, but do you know that the Arabic translation of “projector” is “Mesla6″ its funny

  3. ibrahim Says:

    I heard once from someone studying in syria, that they call photoshop “dokan al swar” … even the brand Names, Translated by Syrians Doctors …

    also a word became somthing usual for me and for everybody working in computer which is “Sayeve”, when you want to save a file you say save the file and in arabic “sayve al malaf” …

    we shuld make a new dictionary

  4. Anonymous Says:

    - screen server = screen saver
    - hardward = hardware
    - CPU = USB

  5. Hussein Alazaat Says:

    i like you cartoons wael my friend has send me one before it was about a crowded traffic or something.. but this one amazing!! specially its done by mac user and talented designer.

    thanx man!

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