Police in Jordan

August 9th, 2005


I’ve just got this picture from a friend.. sara7a i have no comment… Ba7′af

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13 Responses to “Police in Jordan”

  1. Natasha Says:

    Ma takhaf ya zalameh we are living in the age of transperancy;-)

  2. Hind Sabanekh Says:

    hehe funny!! yup no comments!!

  3. raindrop Says:

    jalla man la yas-hu ;)
    lame comment heh!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Good thing you circled the Bolice car. I was looking at the GMC and the invasion of the Saudi’s ;-)

  5. as2425 Says:

    3eb ya mo7taramen elamn welaman fe alordon m7soden 3laih badal ma t7kwlhom y36ekm al3afia arjuk ya a5 Wael Attili sheel halsora .

  6. Officer Westbrook Says:

    As I cop I have NEVER done that unless it is a emergencey.But I have gone faster than the speed limit.

  7. Amman Voice Says:

    Uncivil Servants

  8. anas Says:

    maybe they just parked there

  9. salfan Says:

    this is saudi arabia Police not jordan polise

  10. d.k Says:

    hay al jordanian police

    bas ma feha ashy ano mo hadeek al big deal

    had tasarof fardy men hadak alshor6y

  11. youssef Says:

    jordan and jordinians are stupid especially my ant

  12. ammen Says:

    im sorry for last one writ . ther are nic people
    in jordan also ther are qood police. so the people say bad about jordan i think them stupid so the jordan the best and the first. so when the one he try writ about jordan i tell him qo to school to writ qood enqlish.

  13. dana Says:

    malesh el shorta masmohelhom emalo ay she w khosose el shorta el ordonya

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