I am Wordpress user

August 21st, 2006

Yes… am changing my blogging platform into Wordpress. Now I have lot of work on my blog…

I need to:

  1. Fix all Arabic posts
  2. Re-link all messing images.
  3. Fix the theme.
  4. Categorize all post.
  5. Create some pages for the blog

As you see I have a lot to do… and I need some time… Meanwhile I’ll continue having new posts. And ill take my time to do the required changes. Welcome back blogsphere :)

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9 Responses to “I am Wordpress user”

  1. Khawaja M. Says:

    hmmmmmmm… ya3teeek el 3afieh !
    waiting for ur rejuvenated blog :)

  2. Tololy Says:

    Welcome back, Wael.

  3. Jad madi Says:

    The short story is “Gestak gesa”

  4. Reem Says:

    Welcome Back Attili, long time no see (and no read any posts either)! I see your daughter a bit more!! She is a sweetheart!

  5. Basem Says:

    And i think someone already took http://sha3teely.blogspot.com !, you should’ve left it as a place holder that redirects readers over here.

  6. Dar Says:

    Shekelha 3ajga2 , bs may you just tell me what is the difference between wordpress & blogspot …..


  7. manal y Says:

    yeah i want to know too

  8. Wael Attili Says:

    Dar and Manal
    Wordpress and Blogger are two deferent blogging platforms. There two many differences regarding features and blogging experiences.. one of the major things that Wordpress provides more advanced features than blogger.com.. and also after i got my own domain name and web hosting… i had some trouble using Blogger ” all my images are lost on Blogger” so i had to move into Wordpress

  9. Moey Says:

    a7sanlak man million marra

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