From a flickr group to national campaign, this idea was transformed. Thanks to Ebsar holding company who decided to adopt the idea and spend some of there money in a supporting effort to stop the war in Lebanon.

We hope that this campaign will have an echo around the world, and join the other forces and effort to stop war and help out people in Lebanon.

Imagine 1million face saying NO FOR WAR… Imagine another million face telling our people in Lebanon that we support you and we will be with you.. Imagine 1million face saying we will keep standing out against all kind of aggressions.

The success of this campaign depends on you. So go visit faces4lebanon.org and publish your photo. YOUR FACE IS A VOICE AGAINST SILENCE.

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6 Responses to “FACES 4 LEBANON Goes international”

  1. Omernos Says:

    i’m glad it’s spreading wide,
    but why we discarded Palestine from the whole campaign?

    it was against WAR, including the Arab torn countries…

    With all due respect to Lebanon,
    and I do campaign for Lebanon,
    but I also don’t want to forget Palestine.


  2. Ibrahim Owais Says:

    Omernos, actully i asked myself the same question, why lebanon?
    what about Palestine? and Iraq?
    and i realized that saving Lebanon means saving Palestaine Iraq and Lebanon …
    all wars in the area is by Israel, and we have one message we want to deliver it to the world and want them to understand it we want them to know that this is Israel war and it must be stopped and you must understand that Israel is the terrorists not us …

    so by stopping the war on Lebanon you are Stopping Israel, you are stopping the the cradle of war … then you are saving Lebanon, Palestaine and Iraq …

    from other perspective this is the media war, and it has its own rules…
    the headlines now talking about lebanon and everybody watching lebanon, so i think if we make Lebanon an Icon for the war against Palestain and Iraq … it will be more effective …and it will deliver the message we want …

    this is what i think …

  3. Red Rose Says:

    thks Wa2el i am gobba partociapte

  4. Samer Marzouq Says:

    “saving Lebanon means saving Palestaine Iraq and Lebanon …”!?!?!? Give me a break.

  5. Moey Says:

    my face is there :)

  6. Lena Says:

    the link doesn’t work for me =[

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