I’ve just received this message in my youtube account, and am willing inshAlla to respond to there call, I hope you can join them and help them out.

Here is the text of the message I received.

Hello. I’m Lordnevets

I live in Liverpool in the UK!
A fellow YOUTUBER called EendjeKwak from Holland
sent me a message.
We want to make a global YouTube video with a simple message about what going on in the World.
“Stop It Now!”
The idea is to get as many like minded people to send me a five second video clip of them just simply saying
“Stop It Now”
Each will be tagged with their name and location.
The video is going to be called
“Peace Breaks Out!”
If you can help. Please do.
When finished. I can send out the complete vid to each person and we can launch them together.

Here is EendjeKwak’s message:

EendjeKwak wrote:
> A suggetion:
> John Lennon once spread mysterious posters (or billboards) over the world with a message of peace. Maybe we can ask a lot of Youtubers from all over the world to download a poster we made. They have to put it somewhere (in a public toilet, in the city, on a tree) and film it. And you can make a news item about it! “All over the world mysterious posters appear with the weird orange eyes man” :D
> Or maybe a message: “Make video’s, not war!”

We are not mute anymore.
We never used to be able to say so much to so many people ever! EVER!
There may be comedy, sadness. anger. pain. in the complete video but as long as we get together and share it. We can make a difference!
All I need is five seconds and send it to:

My email address is lordnevetsJohntitts@yahoo.co.uk

Hope you can help out!

Thank you and keep safe

Lordnevets (Steve Lofthouse - liverpool.
02:26am GMT 26th July 2006)

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