But no demonstrations are allowed. If you try to move an inch we will kick the shit out of you even if you do nothing. DO NOT TRY US.

After the friday prayer

Last Friday 2 demonstration were forced to cancel in Shmiesani. One by the “workers union” and the other by some Lebanese group decided to meet near the birds gardens.

The strategy this time was simple. First: close all the roads to the meeting point. Gather people in small area. Surround the area, make the the demonstration group small as possible, bring shit water tank, 200 armed scary police men and 30 police cars, and it will work.

Story ends within less than hour

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4 Responses to “We are a Democratic country!!”

  1. Batir Says:

    10 policemen for someone putting on a DEl Piero shirt! what kind of a fragile democracy we have.

  2. the YAKUZA Says:

    To my knowledge, demonstrations for peaceful causes are allowed, but has to be applied for to the civil defense and the police in advance, and the approval depends on the cause, start and end time, and the attendance… The only reason they would not allow it is because they expect trouble.

    Did they have this one approved??? if so, that’s really messed up the police did…

  3. Abed. Hamdan Says:

    I couldn’t agree more, We’re indeed a decomcratic country !


  4. Issam Says:

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