If you wonder why others consider us a third world, well here is an example of why.
This is a picture I took using my mobile… (Sorry for the bad resolution).


In the middle of Amman and in one of the modern areas, I found this tent “Sewan” which is being setup in the middle of street. Ruining the pavement of the street, and blocking the road, this tent was a disaster.

Is this civilization? Is this part of our morals and religious teaching?

We were forbidden by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) from sitting on the roads… now how about making “Jaha” on the road.

This is unacceptable behavior and must be stopped, and the municipality should take action toward these behaviors. And by the way, this is not the first time I see such thing like this. We are not living in a village anymore. We need to care more about others or our living on this city will be miserable.

lets think more about others..

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7 Responses to “Which age are we living in!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wallahi u r right bs u could not change pepole mentality over night it comes by anothe 2 billion years ;)

  2. madas Says:


    For some reason i could not stop laughing when i saw this picture… the audacity to think these people own the street is hillarius really

  3. al Says:

    been there, done that! i mean, got irritated at such a scene, as my family and i were going to my sister’s place and the road was blocked by such a tent… -.-

  4. onzlo Says:

    I think there is enough space for the damn tent in the empty land across the road anyways, or is it part of the celebration to be as annoying as possible to everyone else?

  5. Haytham Says:

    I have been invited to one of these tents to celebrate someones wedding and while the party was in middle hehehe someone came with an old mecedese and he refused to change his way that made everybody carry his chair and make the car pass hehehe he was I cant forget what he said at that time ” 3alag el revels” hehehehe

  6. Anonymous Says:

    in the “first world” it is called a block party. you are the ones (poster and commentors) that are labeling arabs “third world”. there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself the way you traditionally was brought up.

    p.s. if you do not like the tent, go hide in starbucks in western Amman until the “jaha” party is over.

  7. Wael Attili Says:

    Anonymous: sitting a tent in the middle of the road has nothing to do with our tradition… and also it forbidden in our religion… so before aiming to be part of the first world we aim to be a true Muslims by increasing the moral sense and respect value..

    and even if our tradition does not follow the good teaching of Islam and the high morals of human respect for each other we should change it..

    and by the way i never entered starbucks cafe and am one of the people who are calling for boycotting starbucks.”this is in the personal level”

    la tog3od etshabber 3aleena ya ba

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