Young kids playing Supermarket

Seeing kids making a small selling both in front of there house is not a brand new idea. Maybe you can see this on a suburb town in the US or Europe… But have you ever saw it in Amman?

Well.. I was driving home in Shmiesani and suddenly I heard some kids yelling “Etfdal”. I stopped the car and fortunately I had my cam with me. Me and my wife stepped out from the car and went to see what these kids are yelling for. It seems that these kids opened a supermarket in front of there house and decided not to be consumers any more. They all gathered around a table which had some candies and small stuff to sell. When every car pass bay they try to grab the attention by yelling “Etfdal”… I don’t know from where they got that style! But frankly they where selling really good and tasty stuff… “ma7sobkom ma gasser”

I liked the idea, and I think this is a good thing for kids to do in order to learn something useful in life while playing.. it also teach them the value of money and the pleasure of earning good from work..

I remember when we were kids me, my brother and sisters, we had to play such games like this, but we never had the nerve to deal with real money… “Ayyam ma kan el shelen shelen”.

Good luck kids

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5 Responses to “Small minds… big imagination”

  1. Haitham Issam Says:

    When I was a kid, I remember a few of my friends doing a supermarket like that, they were doing good actually until this ‘mGalle3′ kid passed by and drank (most of) the large bottle of Pepsi on 1 sip, eventually they had to close down :)

  2. Roba Says:

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  3. Tololy Says:

    I’ve always admired garage sales and similar projects but whenever I suggest engaging in one my parents usually put me down because “el 7ara” is not ready for this yet. I don’t live in Shmesani though, so that figrues.

  4. salam Says:

    also in shmesani the other day there was a little girl selling lemonade in fron tof her house,she was so cute,right in front of rahbat el wardieh school.

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