After a long vacation, out of my desk and away from computer screens, am back again to blog more and more about this crazy world we are living in.

Before I took my vacation, people discussions were about the world cup. And after that they wake up on a new disaster which is happing now on both Palestine and Lebanon. An aggressive war against the killing machines of the Israeli army.

Now the illusion of the untouchable Israeli entity is being challenged.
Now the real men of the Arab world are saying their words.
Now the Arab leaders are showing there real face with no shame or mask.

For the first time of my life, I wish that Arab leaders keep their mouth shut and do nothing… and let the real men speak out.. let those leader do nothing just to save what left of our dignity.

I have a lot to blog about, but I hope things will get better and if nothing happens to me inshAlla ill blog more about my vacation.

Dear all… am really sorry that we are not living in a democratic world… so please do not take this as an advantage and mention names of Arab leaders… our leaders are not men of war… They are just men of oppressing, torturing and killing there people. The only forces they have is the only one they use to keep there chairs safe from there people.

we akthar men el gerd Alla ma sa7′a6

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