Save the Roads

August 7th, 2005






“All these images were taken only in one street!!”

Something I always hate to see in Amman, construction sites. We people should learn how to respect public property. We pay money for the municipality to pave the road in front of our houses and here comes an irresponsible contractor or careless worker and use the street for mixing mortar or storing stones and sands, leaving no space for movement and making permanent damage to the street.

I think the municipality should act and do something to those people, we cannot pay more money for new pavements, our cars are suffering and more visual contaminations are being added.

Every construction site in Amman should follow some rules of safety, workers should be notified on the importance of preserving public properties. Inspections by the municipality should be done in a regular base, and fines on violations must be taken.

This is how we make our city a beautiful place to stay, this is how we act in a civilized world. We should care about other to let other care about us.

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3 Responses to “Save the Roads”

  1. asfour Says:

    Attili, the Municipality of Greater Amman, takes money from contractors and they call it “kafalet ankad”, and they won’t give the permission for buying and selling unless you remove all the waste….. Perfect solution hah? At the end, it only takes alittle money, with alittle wasta to get that permission.

  2. madas Says:

    Wael, Welcome to JP. There is something you are forgetting here, we dont have pavements in Amman! the pavements are too small and have too big trees… I tried to walk with my 2 year old nephew many times, but i can’t just let go of him hand, because the pavement is too small and he could hurt himself… the maybe the next step is think cleverly about the concept of pavements.

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